27 2月

Koineks in turkey will list BitTorrent(BTT)

BTT official news

Famous exchange Koineks in turkey will list BitTorrent(BTT)on BitTorrent(BTT)26th, Feb, BitTorrent,and start trading BTT/TRX since 21:00(UTC+8)27th, Feb, 2019.

This picture is about BTT airdrop.

Koineks is a Turkey exchange,providing Bitcoin、Litecoin、Ethereum、Dogecoin、Dash、Ripple trading services. Users can sell BTC / LTC / Ethereum / Dogecoin / Dash / Ripple for TL. Tron wallet VenaPi announced support BTT.

27 2月

Justin Sun accepted interview and reward Zhao Yu, a famous righteous and courageous figure

 “Zhao Yu helped others and now it is turn for us to help him”

On Justin Sun‘s Weibo, this “helpful and helpless” weibo has been forwarded more than 60,000 times, and the number of praises has exceeded 200,000.

On February 17, Fuzhou young man Zhao Yu asked help in weibo, saying that he had been physically injured due to having hurt someone when he was helping a victim, female neighbor of sexual abuse of and was seriously injured.

He was arrested for 14 days for alleged intentional injury. If you are brave enough, you may have to face the subsequent jail and large-scale economic compensation, which means that it is unacceptable and requires innocence. The case quickly triggered widespread concern in society.

On the second day (February 18th),  Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, announced on his social media that he would provide a total of 10 million yuan in support for Zhao Yu and attached a detailed subsidy program. As soon as the plan came out, netizens also exploded into two sides.

One side is the solidarity of the justice knight, and the other is the questioning of the marketing. This is not the first time he has been in such a paradox of public opinion.

Not long ago, he also promised to help the founder of the small yellow bike, Dai Wei, refund the deposit of 10,000 users, and it was also criticized by everyone.

Recently, Justin Sun accepted an exclusive interview with and responded to outside disputes for the first time. For him, to be brave, you need encouragement, and you are worthy of your heart. 

Show his version

However, his concern is not limited to this. Along the way, this highly controversial entrepreneur on the hot spot knows that a simple business can only make a profitable enterprise, and only with a sense of social responsibility can a great enterprise. This is his vision and expectations.

In the interview, when asked if he met the entrepreneur’s image in his definition, he did not make a clear statement, but he still clearly felt his high demand for his entrepreneurial identity.

In dealing with entrepreneurship, he always insists on trusting users and the market. He hopes that the Tron under his leadership can become a new ecosystem of open source, freedom, equality and distribution, serving the global developers and users.

Now, Justin Sun, who is on the road, still concentrates all his energy on the development of his company and career. He also said, “I hope that I and Tron can better bear the expectations that society gives us, and at the same time, we can better change human life with blockchain technology.”

The following is a textual record of the interview, edited by the Phoenix Network Blockchain:

| “I barely slept and was thinking of what could I do to provide help to him”

 Phoenix blockchain: You have always been concerned about social issues, how did you notice Zhao Yu case?

Justin Sun: Yesterday morning (February 18th), I was concerned about the weibo. I feel that the core of the reason that I am particularly concerned about is that the good guys are not getting reward and was brave enough to be jailed. After watching the news.

I was very uncomfortable at night, didn’t fall asleep, and always thought about what could I do to help.

 Phoenix blockchain: Have you contacted Zhao Yu? What are you expecting?

Justin Sun: At present, I paid attention to him on Weibo, and I have also sent a private letter contact, and I also got in touch with Zhao Yu’s lawyer. I feel that I must respect Zhao Yu’s wishes. He hopes that we can help us. The current situation is that we are on standby.

I hope that Zhao Yu will finally get a judgment and will not be subject to civil and criminal responsibility, and that the perpetrator can be punished. Of course, if the results are not satisfactory, we can accept it and provide Zhao Yu with the support as stipulated in our support plan.

Phoenix Blockchain: If the final result is as you announced, would you give up to 10 million?

Justin Sun: We will provide Zhao Yu with funding in accordance with our support plan and do more within our capabilities.

| “Zhao Yu needs to be rewarded”

Phoenix Blockchain: Someone say you are just doing marketing, what do you think?

Justin Sun: I personally have no intention of marketing. I hope that Zhao Yu can get help, at least I feel no longer alone. I feel that funding is the best place to help him, and it can also inspire people in society to do more good things. And such support is also relatively modest.

I also respect the law, respect the considerations and evidence of the public security organizations. Sometimes the boundaries are really vague. The judgment and handling of the law are both respectful and acceptable, but it is still the sentence that cannot allow the hero to bleed. 

Phoenix Blockchain: Last year you helped Dai Wei, creator of OFO to return deposit to 10,000 people, this year you helped Zhao yu and got praised, still someone say you are just saying good words, what do you think?

Justin Sun: A lot of people does not know that Dai Wei is angel investor of Tron. Of course Dai Wei made a huge profit in investing Tron. When I needed Dai Wei, he helped me, and when he needs help, I would like to help him.

 Phoenix Blockchain: Do you think the high-profile marketing help you in your business or bring you trouble?

Justin Sun: I did not think of much, I just want to help and of course I am 100% focused on Tron development.

| “I do not only want to develop a money-making company, but want to build a great company”

Phoenix Blockchain: Does this have relation with Tron?

Justin Sun: currently not, just my personal deed.

Phoenix Blockchain: The bigger the platform, the bigger it bears responsibility. What do you think of social influence should the company have?

Justin Sun: This is indeed the case, the enterprise is growing larger, and the responsibility is getting bigger. I also hope that I and the Tron can better bear the expectations that the society gives us. At the same time, it can also be better to have blockchain technology change the life of mankind.

Phoenix Blockchain: In the comment of your weibo, a lot of people forwarded and praised. It shows that as long as you are helping people, it is acceptable to some extent that you do marketing at the same time. What do you think of balancing marketing and social responsibility?

Justin Sun: I personally think that corporate social responsibility is a must. Every entrepreneur needs to have a sense of social responsibility. Many times, when making decisions, we need to consider not only business negotiations, but also social responsibility.

In particular, your vision values ​​are not just about making a very profitable business, but also when you want to be a great company.

New eraentrepreneur

Phoenix Blockchain: A lot of people praise you as new era entrepreneur, what do you think of it?

Justin Sun: In the comments of thousands of netizens, I also saw a message that impressed me. I borrowed it here:

Entrepreneur of the new era, I personally think that there should be a position, not awkward, not bullying and fearing. They will have many shortcomings, and they are not the standard shortcomings.

They are usually unknown in their own industry, do their jobs, and serve users and customers. But when we have some scenes in our life, they can stand up. Decisive role in maintaining social fairness and justice. When they grow stronger as a group, the whole society can give hope and confidence.

| “Users decide products”

Phoenix Blockchain: What is right and wrong things? 

Justin Sun: I personally think that if you are on the road to entrepreneurship, it is the right thing that the user approves is correct, and the things that the user does not recognize are wrong.

Never ask the CEO to decide the product, but let the user and the market decide the product.

Phoenix network blockchain: What is the core value of Tron in business? What kind of company do you want to make Tron into?

Sun Yuchen: The wave field is a new ecology. It is an Internet-based operating system. In the future, I hope that the wave field can carry the vast majority of online entertainment needs of all human beings.

It can be as open source, free, equal, and distributed as IOS and Android systems. Service to developers and users around the world.

27 2月

TRON | Community Activaty in February

According to the official news of the Huobi: In order to repay the majority of users for their support. Huobi decided to launch the second phase of the BTT activity during the 17:00 February 25-17:00 March 7th, Singapore time.  [100,000,000 BTT reward for users attend in activities including deposit, trading, free interest long / short trading].

Activity 1Deposit BTT to get 30 million BTT

During the activity period, deposit BTT to the Huobi Global will be able to share the reward of 30 million BTT. which according to the BTT net deposit amount (BTT net deposit amount = BTT depost amount – BTT withdrawal amount) during the activity period.


• During the event, the real-name users of Top1-Top30 will be ranked according to the BTT net deposit amount. And 20 million BTT rewards will be divided according to the proportion of BTT net deposit of each user in the total amount of Top 30 users’ BTT net deposit.

• During the event, the real-name users ranked lower than Top 31 according to the BTT net deposit amount will get reward. 10 million BTT rewards are divided according to the proportion of the net deposit amount of each user’s BTT net deposit amount of all real-name users after Top31.

Activity 2: BTT trading to divide 60 million BTT

All real-name users traded BTT in the activity period in Huobi Global ( amount = buy in + sell out without self-trading), can divide 60 million BTT.


• During the event, the real-name users ranked Top1-Top50 according to the BTT transaction volume. 40 million BTT rewards are divided according to the proportion of the BTT transaction volume of each user to the total amount of Top 50 users’ BTT  transactions.

• During the event, all real-name users ranked after Top51 according to the BTT currency transaction volume. And 20 million BTT rewards will be divided according to the proportion of BTT currency transactions per user accounted for the total amount of BTT currency transactions of all real-name users after Top51.

Activity 3: Free-interest long / short trading divide 10 million BTT

 BTT/USDT and BTT/BTC free interest contract transaction during the event period! Real-name users who participate in the BTT contract trading at the Huobi Global. (transaction volume = buy in volume + sales out volume and no self-trading.) According to the per-user BTT contract transaction volume accounted for the total amount of all real-name users. BTT contract trading Proportion, users divide 10 million BTT.

For Example:

• Participate in BTT/USDT and BTT/BTC leveraged loans at any time during the event. And enjoy interest-free offers, for example, starting from 16:00 March 7th to 16:00 – March 8. The contract interest generated during the day is refunded.

• If you have used BTT/USDT or BTT/BTC contract before 17:00 February 25.You do not need to re-apply, this part of the contract can enjoy interest-free contract trading during the event.

• interest-free contract must first pay interest, and interest will be returned within seven working days after the event ends. (users who use the deduction of interest with Huobi point card will receive the equivalent credit card).


1. The real-time rankings of both events will be published at least 2 times.It’s from 22:00 February 27 to 22:00 March 1, and 22:00 March 4. The final list will be announced within 10 working days after the event ends.

2. Activity awards will be issued within 10 working days after the event ends (less than 0.0001 BTT awards will not be issued).

3. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the Huobi Global. If there is cheating, data fraud or self-trading. Huobi Global has the right to cancel the qualification.

4. For Activity 2 and Activity 3, VIP users who use the card deduction fee or the discount on the fee are eligible to win the prize. Users who enjoy other special rate discounts are not eligible for the award.

27 2月

How to do the DApp?

According to Tron101, DApps are now approaching the threshold of 200,000 daily active users.

2018 is undoubtedly the first year of public chain in the blockchain industry.

In this year, the number of public chain projects increased sharply, and major investment institutions have also anchored public chain projects for full ecological investment.

As the underlying system of the blockchain industry, the maturity of the public chain is the prerequisite for the advancement and development of the industry.

Just like android, without the maturity of android, there will be no popularity and explosion of mobile applications. Although 2018 is coming to an end, the fight over the public chain. And the underlying system of the blockchain industry, is still far from over.

One of the hallmarks of android’s success is that more and more developers are building apps based on android.

Which eventually reach users via mobile devices. The Matthew effect of the strong being strong still applies here. In just a few years, the android operating system, favored by developers, has become the undisputed king of the mobile Internet era.

The same is still true in the blockchain space. The contention of each public chain is essentially the contention of developers and the contention of Dapp.

Whoever has more developers on the public chain, more Dapp, and more Dapp users will be the king.

If the 2018 public chain, more still stay in the concept and marketing. Then there’s reason to believe that the 2019 Dapp fight is the real fight.

There is no doubt that the current blockchain industry is still too abstract and macro for most people.

There is an urgent need for a killer app to drive faster adoption and development of the industry.

Dapp has become the best channel for all ordinary people to perceive the blockchain. People are looking forward to 2019, the birth of such a Dapp hot style.


DApp Strating

This is a stark contrast to the total daily active usage just one year ago when Ethereum DApps had just over 15,000 daily active users.

All of the recent growth in DApp daily active users has reportedly come from the introduction of EOS and TRON to the market.

Both platforms launched within the last year and are seeing moderate signs of success.

Globally, DApp transaction volume is on the order of $35m per day, mostly on EOS/Tron, and mostly on gambling DApps.

So far the largest DApps are all seeing between 5 to 10k daily active users, which is an improvement over this past summer’s anemic numbers.

But still remains a far cry from the millions of daily users that developers of traditional apps enjoy. (RL)

27 2月

Tron price predictions 2019(part II)


You can check the cryptocurrency’s current price in the chart at the end of the article. According to investingpr.com,  within 5 years, it is expected to trade around over $1. This is the reason why it is a good investment option as well.  The main reason why the cryptocurrency is slated to increase by such a significant amount is owing to the increased usage of the platform. As more and more developers start using the platform, it will result in the appreciation of the cryptocurrency as well. This is the reason why the cryptocurrency is slated to increase further. 

The decentralized platform will also ensure that it becomes easier for the developers to publish the content. It is one of the very few blockchains which enables easy publishing of the content without any restrictions. This will again provide enormous versatility when it comes to the applications of this platform. As the applications of this platform increase, the usability will increase further. As the usability increases, the prize of the token will increase further. This is the reason why the potential in the platform is enormous. Source: investingpr.com

Thus, if you’re looking to invest in TRON now might be the perfect option to do so as the cryptocurrency is increasing in value consistently. With such large headroom for return in the future, it is worth a look. Source: investingpr.com

31 countries 2500 nodes

The drama related to the recent launch of Tron’s Test Net is still not done. Within a week of the Test Net launch, it has expanded to 31 countries with 2500 nodes despite a bearish market. TRON’s first technical debut – Test net came along with completed nodes, basic network functions, transactions, and customizable modules. This has given fans, followers and skeptics alike a transparent view of Tron’s solid progress.

Jacob Guinto, a TRON enthusiast tweeted:

“Holy, KILLING IT JUSTIN KILLINGGGGG ITTTT! I have personally setup 3 nodes in Czechia – easy process, immediate projection on the map – this is for real guys  great work from Tron foundation and Justin Sun. I think you can setup a node on the moon now.”

There were also people seeking clarification like Kasei Arakaki who asked,

“This is not a doubt or FUD. Asking a genuine question… do we have evidence these nodes are functioning and authentic? I’d love to see some more tangible information regarding the test net and how it is currently running and performing. Maybe someone could provide links for me?”

Tron plans to shed its ERC20 identity and migrate from the Ethereum platform. Once, this goes live, Tron will no longer be an ERC20 token but will become a true token within its own ecosystem.

When TRON’s code first arrived on the scene, TRON was a vibrant, energetic, upstart of a company; a great reflection of its millennial founder.

Justin Sun, the founder said,

“Today, TRON is retaining its fearless energy but adds a much-needed groundedness with the debut of its technology.”


As the cryptocurrency craze continues, with Bitcoin leading the way, a slew of smaller, cheaper projects are emerging that investors are getting excited about. One is Tron, a coin that its Chinese founder hopes will challenge the world’s major content providers, such as Facebook and YouTube.

According to its website, Tron (TRX) is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to decentralize the internet, or rather content-sharing on the internet, ensuring that artists, creatives, musicians, authoring can release their content without having to use a middle company, be it Amazon, YouTube, Apple, or Facebook.

The digital currency was created by 26-year-old Justin Sun, a self-proclaimed protegé of Alibaba chief executive and billionaire Jack Ma. He has amassed 350,000 Twitter followers, promoting the coin to both its loyal followers and investors, as well as to the wider cryptocurrency community. Forbes listed him in its 30 under 30 for Asia in 2015 and he previously worked for another fledgling cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP).

The former University of Pennsylvania student is one of the most vocal crypto-founders on the platform, from hosting a one-hour livestream about the coin to announcing partnerships to announcements of a new San Francisco office to promoting a vote for the coin to be accepted by new digital exchanges. He has even engaged in a back-and-forth with the famous founder of Litecoin, one of the top four cryptocurrencies, Charlie Lee, on Twitter.


The currency to be used on the platform is known as “Tronix.” According to Sun, the cryptocurrency is already set to have a user base of at least 10 million, with Sun announcing that the Tron network will be implemented for his own Chinese social networking app Peiwo.

The coin has so far struck partnerships with a series of major companies. Including Chinese video hardware and software provider Baofeng (which Sun dubbed the “netflix of China”). oBike, the largest bike-sharing company in Singapore, which will release “oCoins” on the Tron platform, with riders accumulating coins the more they ride. It also boasts investors such as Wei Dai, the founder of bike sharing company ofo, and a team of developers from Alibaba and Microsoft.

Sun has floated that it has a partnership in the works with a space exploration company. And rumors abound online about a partnership with Alibaba, although these remain unfounded.

Major market

It is mostly bought with Bitcoin or Ethereum, the number one and two cryptocurrencies. On the Tokyo-based exchange Binance, and at the time of writing had a market cap of almost $6 billion, despite its low price. The coin began life in September, trading at just a tenth of a penny.

That country is a major market for digital coins, and the country has signaled that it will not ban cryptocurrencies,.But more stringently regulate them to stop market manipulation and fraud.

Cryptocurrency critics and advocates of Tron are divided on the potential of the project. Hype, potential, fears and doubt all shape the market price of a cryptocurrency. As does the market supply, and Tron is no different.

Detractors of Tron say that the coin has a circulation of 65 billion coins. Too much for it to have any significant monetary value. By contrast, Ripple has a circulation of 38 billion. They also say that Tron is just an idea that is yet to be implemented, so no one can truly tell if it will be a success.

27 2月

Tron price predictions 2019(Part I)

Tron’s price is steadily making its way up, and the Fib extension tool shows the next upside targets. So far, all the tech indicators are hinting at the idea that more gains are on their way to Tron.

Technical indicator signals

The 100 SMA went above the longer-term 200 SMA in order to confirm that the path of least resistance is to the upside. Long story short, it’s more likely to climb rather than to fall. Tron’s price formed and confirmed an inverse pattern to signal that there’s an uptrend on its way.

The appliance of the Fibonacci extension tool unveils the nest upside targets. Tron’s price managed to already surpass the 38.2% extension, and it’s closing in on the 50% extension. Stronger selling pressure could take the crypto up to the 61.8% extension or the 78.6% extension.

RSI is also moving up showing that there’s still some purchase pressure left. This could be quite enough to keep the bulls under control until Tron’s price reaches the next potential resistance levels just before buyers book the profit. Stochastic is also moving up, and this means that Tron’s price could do the same.

The market’s current state following Bithumb’s hacking

Lately, the main cryptos in the market seem to be finally doing better after the bearish trend that took control over the market recently. The coins managed to get over the Bithumb hack news better than everyone expected especially if we compare this unfortunate event with the hacking of the smaller South Korean exchange that took place on June 10. Some voices in the crypto space claim that this happened due to reports saying that Tether was used to manipulate Bitcoin’s price back in 2017. This lead to the belief that the probe by US regulators could trigger the same results.

Overall, Tron’s price seems to have been corrected, and an upward journey is currently expected for Justin Sun’s crypto.

Tron Dapp Usage Exceeds Ethereum

The blockchain project, as well as its native currency TRX, has amassed a lot of attention over the past months. Tron provides a platform for developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (Dapps). Ever since Tron launched its Mainnet, it has been a treat to Ethereum. Recently, the founder and CEO of Tron – Justin Sun – said that the network now supports over fifty decentralized apps. Sun made this announcement on Twitter on Thursday, and he said the network is aimed at reaching 80 Dapps in the near term.

Tron Blockchain Achieved 100 Million Transactions in 173 Days

Justin Sun released this statement after the blockchain achieved a major milestone earlier this month. The network achieved 100M transactions over a period of 173 days. This means that an average of 578,034 transactions are being carried on the blockchain of Tron every day.

Tron Sees More Dapp Usage

Back in August, Martin Koppelmann said that a crucial statistic to use in measuring the growth rate of a smart contract protocol is the number of decentralized apps that interact with one another and the usage of decentralized apps. Koppelmann is the founder of Gnosis.ph – a prediction market platform based on the blockchain of Ethereum. According to Koppelmann: “The usage of Dapps is the number we care about. The next thing is to look out for the number of decentralized apps that interact with each other and benefit from each other for being on the same platform. As a side effect, the value of Ethereum (ETH) will then be a function of the demand for the use of apps in this open, reliable, and interrelated environment.” Tron is a smart contract protocol just like Ethereum, and the value of Tron comes from the ecosystem of its decentralized apps and active users.

Tron Dapp Usage Exceeds that of Ethereum

The top three decentralized apps on the Tron network have 2,300 users on average. TRONbet records 2,500 active users and a transaction volume of two million on a daily basis, according to DappRadar. DappRadar is an online platform that provides data on the usage of decentralized apps on major blockchain networks. In comparison, the top three decentralized applications on blockchain of Ethereum has 700 users on average. The three biggest decentralized apps on the network are IDEX, Crypto Heroes, and ForkDelta. However, EOS accounts for the highest number of decentralized app users on its network. TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD

NamePrice24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)$4,102.652.57%
TRON (TRX)$0.0222873.60%

EOS is the world’s second most valuable smart contract protocol after Ethereum.

The top three Dapps on the network have almost 5,000 users on average; this is more than the Dapp users of Ethereum and Tron combined.

The top three Dapps on EOS are EOS Knights, PRA CandyBox, and EOSBet. The Dapp usage on the network of Tron has recently exceeded that of Ethereum in terms of daily active users and decentralized apps.

Tron & EOS

Tron and EOS have been focusing more on scalability over the past couple of months. They are focusing more on scalability in their development with the aim of supporting as many decentralized apps as possible in the ecosystem.

This is something Ethereum has been lacking, and that is why a lot of developers on the network are now moving to either the blockchain of EOS or Tron.

TRON price predictions 2019: TRON is a platform which allows you to build and store the applications. It also allows you to execute the smart contracts based on its blockchain. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to freely publish the content as well as data. This ensures that for the entertainment industry as well as media industry, it is actually a pretty valuable blockchain. This also means that the applications of this particular blockchain are plenty.

With that being said, it is important to look into the cryptocurrency an investment asset as well. Many of the investors are trying to find out whether it is at investing levels currently or not.

27 2月

T-Bank: the Bank of Energy on VenaPi

Problem of energy

As we all know, in TRON, smart contracts need to consume energy. If you don’t have enough energy, the deal will burn your TRX. When playing, the energy is gone, and TRX is burned in the invisible. That makes people can’t help get angry.

TRON does not give energy, and energy must be obtained by freezing TRX. If you are a player of Tronbet or Hashdice, and even a miner, you definitely want your TRX to be more efficient in the game than freezing it in the TRON network.

So, freezing the TRX or burning the TRX is really a dilemma.

How to solve the problem

In order to solve this problem, T-Bank came into being. You can pay a small amount of TRX, and T-Bank will mortgage a lot of TRX for you to get energy. T-Bank offers you three packages, and you can also customize the energy and duration you need.

In the first package, for example, you only need to pay 22.5TRX, T-Bank will mortgage 5000TRX for you. You can get about 1,000,000 energy (the number is related to the current number of mortgages in the entire TRON), and you can use 3 day. In these 3 days, after energy consumption, it will recover with time. For deep players, especially miners, the actual energy obtained is far more than one million.

T-Bank is clearly a very good solution compared to the lack of energy that causes TRX to be burned, or to freeze a large amount of TRX to get energy. By paying a small amount of TRX, it can avoid the TRX consumption of its own, and can liberate its own TRX, and maximize the efficiency of its own TRX based on the loss reduction.

Especially for DApp severe players and miners, transactions are frequent, energy consumption is large, and too many TRXs are not expected to be frozen. During the 3-day to 30-day lease period of T-Bank, this part of the user can use the energy obtained from the energy bank repeatedly at high frequency to obtain efficient energy at a low cost.

You don’t need to freeze the TRX. You don’t have to burn the TRX. You don’t have to suffer from the two days of ice and fire. You can play TRON DApp more comfortably!

You can refer to VenaPi wallet to get available to T-Bank.

27 2月

Some Excellent TRON DApps that You Can Only Find in VenaPi

Now, there are more than 200 DApps on TRON. Some TRON wallet collects all the DApps, regardless of the quality of the DApp. And some wallet do not have the function to play DApps on mobile. So if you want a mobile wallet to play high-quality DApps, VenaPi is your best choice.

What’s more, there are some excellent DApps that you cannot find in other mobile wallets except VenaPi. These DApps cooperates with VenaPi, all high-quality, and will offer you best service.



What is T-Bank? It is a bank, but not for deposits, but for energy.

You must know that when smart contract is called, energy has to be costed. If the developer do not pay the energy, players have to pay. If player does not have enough energy, his TRX will be burned.

However, players can’t get energy unless he freeze his TRX to get energy. That means he can’t use these TRX in a period. For miners and severe players, they need huge number of energy, but they don’t want to freeze TRX.

With T-Bank, you can pay little TRX and get huge numbers of energy. You don’t need to burn TRX or freeze your TRX. T-Bank has its TRX to freeze and can lend the energy to you, all you need to pay is a little TRX, far less than you need to burn if you don’t have energy.



HashDice is really a special gambling game on TRON.

You know that among the 200+ DApps on TRON, gambling games occupy the biggest proportion. Nearly all of them follow a same mechanism: betting is mining, and mining can get dividends.

HashDice has an innovation. In HashDice, there are two mines for miners, and they can bet with TRX for mine A, bet with VENA for mine B. And there is a treasure under the two mines, if mine A is mined out first, the treasure under mine B will be destroyed, the treasure under mine A will be distributed to miners of mine A. At the same time, the un-mined part of mine B will be distributed to miners of mine B.

So you have to decide: will I mine more on mine A or more on mine B? If mine A is mined faster, I can get treasure mining more on mine A, but I can get the un-mined part mining more on mine B. How should I distribute my TRX to the two mines?

That is interesting, isn’t it? More interesting design is waiting for you to play HashDice.

Candy Box

This is a tool for developers to do airdrop.

For developers, it is sometimes hard to have time and energy to build an airdrop activity. They may be too busy, or do not have experience to operate.

Candy Box solves this question. With Candy Box, you can easily build an airdrop, and you just need to do some settings.

The airdrop is well designed to active sharing mechanism so that it will achieve the goal to spread and the cost can be well controlled. It is a good tool for DApp developers.

Are you interested in these excellent DApps? You can find more in VenaPi.

26 2月

Justin Sun Talk about development strategy of Tron

Tron Wallet

Justin Sun talks about the development strategy of the Tron: “We don’t think of ourselves as a blockchain or a cryptocurrency company.

But we think of ourselves as an Internet company. We take advantage the Internet so that we can avoid the common disadvantages of blockchain companies. From the first day, we hope to compete with companies such as Facebook on the level of after-sales. And developer service and etc. Although we are a decentralized community. We can’t just focus on the benefits of decentralization and expose disadvantage of decentralization. Tron hopes to do everything well and be comparable to the top Internet companies.”

As we all know, the development of Tron is extremely rapid, and the promotion of globalization is a model in the industry. Justin Sun explained:

 “A lot of people want to do globalization, but no one really implements it. It doesn’t matter if other companies don’t do globalization, but blockchain companies can’t. Only with the background of globalization can blockchain prosper.


In addition, Justin Sun also explained his views on “specialization”. “The industry of cryptocurrency is still lacking in the degree of specialization. Some of the experienced people in the industry have done Internet projects. but many have never had traditional industry entrepreneurship before. If getting into the industry without experience of traditional industry, they are generally miserable.”

Justin Sun thinks of 2019: “In the middle of 2019, the Tron ecology will show an explosive growth. In the future, the blockchain games must be colorful. Some people say that the current public chain is not good enough.And the blockchain still has a long way to go. I think that the blockchain is developing very well, DAPPs will be more popular.

And new games will be born every day. There will be more and more exchanges, decentralized live stream and decentralized storage in Tron in the future”.