22 3月

VenaPi is Releasing an Important New Version

VenaPi is releasing an important new version today.

In the telegram group of Vena network, the admin has raised a vote about the new version of VenaPi. And we can get some information about the new version.

As we can see, the new version will be released on Mar 22nd, 20:00 UTC+8. As admin specially mentions this version, it is expected to be an important update.

Some update content can be seen, like new invitation function, more details about DApp, UI improvement, etc.

So it is not long since now to the release of the new version. Let’s expect that.

Join the telegram group: https://t.me/vena_network

22 3月

Congratulations to Justin for her Twitter account reaching 1 million followers

Recently, Justin Sun, founder of potron, has more than 1 million followers on Twitter.

In order to celebrate Justin sun’s Twitter followers become the first big V in the blockchain industry to break through one million. And give back to the global community users. Justin sun launched a lottery on the sina weibo platform, retweet this microblog follow @sun and @three friends. On March 22, three lucky users will be selected to send out a gift package around the wave field! Let’s go to weibo to participate in the activity!

Currently, TRON has entered full community autonomy. And this activity with 27 superdelegates and over 100 candidate delegates jointly running the Tron network successfully for over 260 days. Meanwhile, TRON currently has over 2 million coin-holding users. Meanwhile, 2.6 times the number of EOS users.

21 3月

ALTCOINTRADER launches BitTorrent (BTT)

Recently, AltCoinTrader, a well-known trading platform, launched BitTorrent (BTT) and opened a BTT/ZAR trading pair.

This news reported by VenaPi news and Tron101 which is acquired by VenaPi.

The AltCoinTrader team is made up of professionals who share a common vision and enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and bring this technology to community members. They have a wealth of knowledge from a wide range of industries, such as SaaS development, banking, finance and accounting, and the Internet industry.

According to statistics, nearly 50 mainstream digital asset trading platforms including Binance. OKEX and Huobi have supported airdrop of BTT, and more than 70 wallets support the BTT airdrop. And the number is still growing. In addition, on March 4th, Tron and Tether cooperated to introduce USDT into Tron. The TRC20-based USDT token (USDT-TRON) enables interoperability with Tron-based protocols and decentralized applications. And allows users to trade and exchange stable coin-based cryptocurrencies.

21 3月

Tron Wallet VenaPi and Game Platform TronGo are Holding a Bouns Hunting Activity on Coinclub

New airdrop is coming!

One of the biggest entrance on TRON, VenaPi, and decentralized game platform, TronGo, are holding a bouns hunting activity on Coinclub from Mar 20th to 22nd. Users can simply participate by downloading VenaPi, and play Lucky Slot or Lucky Dice, two games by TronGo. Every user will have the chance to share prize of 20,000 GO & 2,000 VENA & 2000 TRX.

Once TronGo was online, it has a rapidly increase in only a month and ranks in front in DAppReview. Till now, TronGo has released two games, Lucky Slot and Lucky Dice. Lucky Slot makes TronGo rapidly increase, and Lucky Dice keeps TronGo going ahead.

The airdrop will be ended in 22nd and if you want to participate, you have to be hurry. To participate, join the telegram group @vena_network and pm @VenusLee1, she will help you.

20 3月

Justin Sun,CEO of TRON, believes that the blockchain industry will see a leap forward in 2020.

BlockChain Capital’s Spencer Bogart said in a recent bloomberg interview that bitcoin (BTC) is now the world’s most attractive asset relative to u.s.-listed stocks or foreign-exchange derivatives. Taken together, the cryptocurrency space is doing well, if not better than ever.

With samsung’s consumer-facing cryptocurrency products, Fidelity’s bitcoin custodian and the like, Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, expects the cryptocurrency market to gradually show a steady upward trend with no major rebound.

The CEO of Tron expects bitcoin to be very weak in 2019

At the end of 2018, bitcoin prices seemed to have bottomed out. Under the influence of a series of events, bitcoin prices fell rapidly, dropping to a minimum of $3,150. Many people have been eager to ask: When will cryptocurrency prices rebound?

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, the world-renowned blockchain company, said in an exclusive interview with NewsBTC that the bitcoin price that people expect will quickly rebound to 2017. This change will not happen so quickly. Although he is almost 100% certain, due to the enormous development potential of this emerging market, coupled with the positive promotion of some investors, it is unlikely to have a low. But at the same time he also said:

“I don’t think there will be a sudden bull market like 2017. So I think this year will be a constructive year. In terms of the development of basic technology, it takes time to train better technicians to develop better products.”

He believes that bitcoin prices will be between $3,000 and $5,000 for most of 2019 in view of these factors. He is not sure if the price of bitcoin will break through $5,000 this year – even if the price is fleeting.

However, this Chinese cryptocurrency leader is by no means the only one who holds this view. Anthony Pompliano, head of JPMorgan Chase, told many media that although the cryptocurrency market has a big “bubble”, the possibility of BTC falling to $2,500 is high, but for most of 2019, this The transaction price of the digital assets will remain between $2,500 and $5,000.

Legendary venture capitalist FredWilson has also made similar remarks. The union co-founder of Union Square once wrote through his personal blog that although the development of the company in early 2019 will become a trend, bitcoin prices will not change much in the next nine months, bitcoin price at the beginning of the year is same as that of the end of the year.

Halving the number of bitcoins would cause its price to spike

Although the leader of Tron believes that bitcoin will not have much change in 2019. He believes that by 2020, the crypto ecosystem will have a dramatic, rapid change. When there was a question about the impact of the halving of bitcoin, Justin Sun said without hesitation that the emergence of this change will inevitably have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market.

“Cryptocurrency investors are calling for getting more BTC before halving, because the price will rebound. — NEWSBTC (@newsbtc) February 5, 2019”

However, given the general perception of many Twitter analysts, the Bitcoin market will rise due to halving, and the start of the rise will be at least six months ahead, at the end of 2019. In terms of price, due to historical and fundamental factors, the price will likely fluctuate around $8,000 because of halving.

Even if the BTC price did not appear to be a very optimistic due to the halving. But there are many other positive factors in this area that will push the industry forward.

For example, the huge breakthrough in lightning network technology. Which is largely driven by the BitTorrent technology of TRON. Justin Sun said that BitTorrent will bring 100 million users to the cryptocurrency field. In other words, “For the entire blockchain industry, 2020 will be a very good year.”

In view of the various factors in the current market. This year will be the time when emerging industry will once again take off.

20 3月

Your Best Airdrop Tool, Candy Pocket, Can Build Airdrop Activity in English Now

Candy Pocket is an airdrop tool promoted by VenaPi. As DApp teams are usually small teams, they often lacks the experience to operate, or they don’t have the time and energy to build an airdrop activity.

However, airdrop is now the most effective and widely used way to promote DApps. So every DApp team has the demand to do airdrop, but they all need an easy and effective way.

Candy Pocket can offer this. Users of Candy Pocket can build an airdrop activity by doing some settings. No development and no design is needed, basic setting can be done in 10 minutes.

After Candy Pocket was online, over 10 DApp teams have used this tool to do airdrop, including Crazy Dogs Live, Flappy Bird, Lucky Slot, DDEX, HashDice, etc.

Recently, the English version is already online, and English language users are able to participate in and get candies.

19 3月

Justin Sun:Tron ratings soared to the second, what is the root cause behind?

The CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index (10th edition) was officially released. This year Tron ranked second, and the performance is excellent, exceeding Ethereum, Ethereum ranked third. In addition, Bitcoin still ranked in the upper middle section, only 13th, but it has increased by 2 compared with the previous period.

TRON has won a high score of 96.8 on basic technology and 24.6 points on applicability; meanwhile ETH has won two scores of 73.8 and 29 respectively.

Why does the Tron score so high?

Within four months from October 2018, the daily transaction volume on the TRON network soared from 130,000 transactions to 1.7 million transactions per day, a more than tenfold increase.

The index evaluation model of this period continues to start from the basic technology. Application and innovation of the public chain. In order to improve the support for the original technology and openness of the public chain, the index weight of the evaluation model is slightly increased. The basic technology mainly evaluates the technology implementation level of the public chain, and examines the function, performance, security and decentralization of the public chain.

Statistic data shows, average of index of basic technology rises somewhat than last period. Applicability mainly evaluates the comprehensive level of public chain supporting practical applications, including node deployment, wallet application, development support and application implementation. The mean value of the applicability index was slightly higher than that of the previous period.

Innovation mainly focuses on the continuous innovation of the public chain, including the size of developers, code update and code influence. Comparable data show that the average value of the innovation index has increased slightly compared with the previous period, indicating that the innovation activity of the public chain technology has increased.

Is the Tron 3.5 coming?

On February 28, Justin Sun posted a tweet saying that Tron Network will be upgraded to version 3.5 within 12 hours. It is reported that this version upgrade has 6 major improvements to the previous version:

  1. Establish account authority system and set multi-signature;
  2. Dynamically adjust energy limit in real time according to the current state of the network;
  3. Further optimization of transaction de-duplication logic. Overall performance improvement 5%. Improve block broadcast efficiency, reduce resource usage to 50%. 4 optimize the security of some virtual machine instructions;
  4. Implement better performance and more flexible event server, which is convenient for DApp developers to develop applications;
    6, Optimize the host-standby functions to increase the stability of the entire network.
19 3月

VenaPi-The Biggest Wallet in TRON, How Does it Make?

There is no doubt that since Justin Sun announced that VenaPi wallet fully supported TRX, it has already opened the pace of VenaPi sweeping the world.

VenaPi’s own data shows that its users cover more than 30 countries and regions, and it is the most international one in the current Tron wallets. Many data monitoring organizations, including DAppRader, believe that the number of active users of VenaPi may have exceeded the scale of thousands. What’s more important, it continues to grow.

In January 2019, VenaPi CEO Zhu Qing was invited to San Francisco to participate in Tron Global Developer Conference. At the summit, Justin Sun conducted a brief conversation on more cooperation between the two sides. Although Justin Sun has many projects around him, there are very few opportunities for attending to the conference and has conversation with him. It is clear that VenaPi has been recognized by the Tron community including Justin Sun.

Support Multiple Terminals, Rich DApp Resources

At present, VenaPi has partnered with more than 80 DApps, including 60 games, 5 exchanges, 14 tools, and 2 news. There are some in-depth intermodal projects, and VenaPi team has been working hard to provide quality services to users alongside DApp projects.

For example, the star project-HashDice, once hit the top three in Tron rankings, was the first launch in VenaPi. VenaPi team has quickly completed the community cold start, bringing amazing results.

As a global wallet, VenaPi supports 14 languages ​​including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, etc.Thus fans from all over the world can experience in VenaPi.

Rich DApp resources also include continuous and innovative innovation. The Energy Bank T-Bank project, which is developed by VenaPi team, allows users to obtain energy by paying a certain amount of Trx purchases. It is much more cost-effective to deduct the Trx balance directly than when the energy is insufficient. For users, if you do not want to sacrifice liquidity by freezing Trx for energy. Energy Bank offers them a new option. The Energy Bank is the star project with deep participation.

There are many other innovations. For example, there’s an exclusive tool for — Tronbet-the popular games in Tron. VenaPi team worked with a team from Brazil and TronLink to has became partners with Vminer mining tools.

More and more DApps have chosen VenaPi and VenaPi airdrops tool which has already issued airdrops for more than a dozen projects. Attracting more than 10,000 users.

By the way, PC version of VenaPi is also on the line and will also support payment function in the later vesion. Nowadays, the most popular crypto wallet for European and American users is VenaPi on the mobile side. You can find it in Google Play and you can also download it directly through the official website.

Deep Foundation, Deep Cultivation of Tron Ecology

VenaPi team comes from the Singapore team Vena Foundation. The investors includes LD capital, famous in Asia, and exchanges like Kucoin and Digifinex, and star institutions like Consensus Lab.

Recognized by the industry, VenaPi get the confidence to devote in TRON. They have succeed, and is not a junior team.

Vena Network has cooperated with many finance projects with the decentalized protocol. VenaBao is another product. The VENA team is building its competitive power with TRX financing.

The VENA team has always been winning prizes with excellent products.On August 10, 2018, at the 2018 Fenwick Financial Technology Summit (Hong Kong), the FINWISE Awards Ceremony kicked off. The festival has set up four awards: “Outstanding Persons Award for Distinct Blockchain”, “Outstanding Financial Technology Enterprise Award”, “Blocked New Technology Blockchain Technology Award”, and “Outstanding Technology Finance Award”.

Vena Network won the “New Blockchain Technology Award” at the awards ceremony of the summit. Zhu Qing, CEO of Vena Network, was invited to the summit and took the stage to receive the award. That day, the winners also included He Yi, the partner of Binance, and Canaan, Gate.io, etc.

Global VenaPi

In East Asia, VenaPi has build communities of more than 10,000 people. And held offline meetings in Vietnam, Thailand, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu. Finally complete the financing of the product. Different from other projects, Vena focus more on token circulation, some games on TRON have supported the payment of VENA token.

lCO Analytics has picked Vena as the highlights of crypto exchanges investments in 2018.

In this month, Ching, CEO of VenaPi, was again invited to have a live stream in the community of famous Taiwan blockchain media. Blockchaintimes, and talked about the thoughts of building TRON ecosystem.

Earlier, VenaPi had cooperated with TRON SRs like CryptoDiva, Sesameseed, and became one of the wallets that support BTT airdrop.

The lady with experience in Tecent has been reported by decades of medias all over the world. She has been exploring their blockchain dream on TRON with her team.

Acquiring Tron101, Supporting 10 Million Market Value

Up to now, the token of VenaPi is reaching 8 million dollars. They hope to reach 10 million in the future, and get more market convenience for the circulation.

To achieve the goal, VenaPi keep fighting on TRON. They have acquired Tron101, the biggest TRON information platform in China, and cooperates with DAPPX community, keep the advantage of content.

Russia, USA, Canada are also the target of VenaPi. They build a oversea team to supply localize service.

Oversea users has reflected for the action. They build a VenaPi Community, where people can see news about VenaPi and TRON.

Maybe VenaPi will become a popularity in the near future. TRON foundation also keep interacting with VenaPi on social media, regarding VenaPi as one of the products that worth appreciating most.

19 3月

New Trading Pair Added! VENA/TRX is on ABCC Exchange!

At 20:00 UTC+8, Mar 18th, a new trading pair of VENA, VENA/TRX was added in ABCC exchange. After that, VENA has two trading pairs on ABCC, VENA/USDT and VENA/TRX.

VenaPi; Vena Network

Some other famous tokens, such as BTT, IGG, SEED, TERC, was added to ABCC together with VENA, and these tokens are the first trading pairs of TRX zone. After VENA/TRX was added, the trading pair raised 20% immediately.

In the previous time, VENA/USDT was listed on LBank and ABCC. Users can trade VENA on these two exchanges.

18 3月

Justin sun: Trc-20 USDT free transfer, take 100 million CNY to do the interest reward

On March 5, 2018, Tron and Tether announced that Tether will issue a stable USDT, the TRC-20 version of the USDT, on the Tron.

Recently, the number of accounts in Tron exceeded 2 million, and the 3.5 version upgrade was completed, the average daily transaction volume of Dapp exceeded EOS. According to the tron.app data, the number of Tron Dapp reached 187, the smart contract reached 464 and there are 10 decentralized exchanges. On the other hand, USDT experienced a crisis in October 2018, and the price has stabilized. At the end of 2018, Bloomberg issued a statement that Tether has sufficient US dollar reserves. However this incident has become an opportunity for other stable coins to enter the market, gradually eroding the market share of USDT. Although USDT still maintains a market share of nearly 70%, it continues to shrink.

Win win

Mars Finance believes that the combination of Tron and USDT is win win. The native USDT on Tron can activate DEX, Dapp and Tron ecology to a large extent, although it weakens the role of TRX to some extent, but USDT It is more acceptable and more likely to bring traffic. Tether can use the fast-developing Dapp ecosystem of Tron to increase the direct participation of USDT in the dApp ecosystem, increase liquidity, and help USDT compete for market share.

In addition, Justin Sun revealed that in the future, more than 100 million RMB will be used to reward the USDT users in Tron. At present, VenaPi community has translated this interview of Justin Sun to English. Which is shown below:

For the cooperation between Tron and Tether, and the influence on USDT-TRON on Tron, DEX, Dapp ecology, etc., Mars Finance exclusive interview with Tron CEO Justin Sun:

The Tron and Tether cooperation are win win

Mars Finance: How is the cooperation between the Tron and Tether achieved? Can you introduce the ins and outs of this cooperation?

Justin Sun: We have always maintained good communication and contact with Tether. In March, we further hope to promote the relationship between the two sides. Tron community needs to stabilize the currency ecology, Tether also needs a more stable, reliable, technically more advanced public chain, I think this is a win-win situation.

Mars Finance: Why did not the Tron choose to cooperate with GUSD, PAX and other stable coins? Choosing to work with Tether means that the volume of stable coin is more important than compliance?

Justin Sun: The first thing we choose to consider for cooperation is market position. Tether is currently in the leading position in the stable coin market. At the same time, I think Tether has also made a lot of efforts in compliance, and more stable coins in the future on Tron. We are also open to the cooperation.

Mars Finance: Since last year, USDT’s competitors have gradually grown. For example, the market share of USDC and TUSD has expanded significantly. After the combination of USDT and the Tron, what impact do you expect to have on the market and the stability of competition between the coins?

Justin Sun: At present, we have not changed the judgment that USDT has occupied the mainstream of the market for a long time. We hope to cooperate with Tether to promote the development of the stable coin market. Moreover, we believe that because the industry itself is in a period of rapid growth, even if the stable coins are mutually competitive, the cooperation is greater than Competition, the future Tron also welcomes more stable coins to Tron, we are highly compatible with the existing Ethereum smart contract, just transfer and redeploy.

Mars Finance: What do you think about the opinions that Tether and Bitfinex used to manipulate the price to push the BTC up? Have you considered the negative impact of Tether before?

Justin Sun: This has been proved to be untrue. I think Tether’s transparency is still very good. In the future, all USDT holders can freely query the distribution of USDT on the Tron public chain. Whether it is additional issuance, how much is issued, and where it is sent, it is also clear at a glance. I think it is very important to issue and hold transparent currency.

Tron public chain transfer is completely free

Mars Finance: We know that the Tron has its own currency standard TRC-10 and TRC-20, but many people do not understand the difference between TRC-10 and TRC-20, and the relationship with the publicly known ERC-20, What is the purpose of TRC-20 compatible with ERC-20?

Justin Sun: TRC-10 is the native Token in the Tron. The difference between 10 and 20 is that 10 has no smart contract, 20 is a smart contract, 10 is more closely integrated with the protocol itself, and the transfer fee is lower. TRC20 is a smart contract, everything can be programmed to suit your needs, but at a higher cost. TRC10 Token, which is suitable for payment and transmission purposes, 20 is suitable for application-oriented, programmable Dapp. At the same time, TRC-20 is also fully compatible with ERC20. Developers can easily and completely re-port the ERC20 contract to TRC20, and the migration cost is completely zero. It is our responsibility to provide Ethereum developers with a good experience of moving to the Tron.

USDT of the TRC-20 be distributed

Mars Finance: How does the USDT of the TRC-20 be distributed and transferred from the existing Omni network to the Tron? How many USDTs (% of current liquidity) are allocated by Tether to the Tron network? What do users need to do if they want to use the new version of USDT on Tron?

Justin Sun: At present, our cooperation with Tether only accepts exchange-level migration and does not accept ordinary users. Ordinary users directly choose to support the USDT-TRON exchange to complete the migration, and we will launch a series of shocking activities in the future, looking forward to it! If the exchange and wallet want to support USDT-TRON, you can contact us directly. We will send the best engineers to provide a 7*24-hour service, which is the same as the migration experience of ERC20-TRX to the main network TRX at that time.

We believe that most of the major exchanges on the market will support USDT-TRON. In the future, the main circulation of USDT will also be the wave field TRON, let us wait and see.

Mars Finance: Does the USDT of TRC-20 have technical advantages and challenges? How does the Tron respond to the challenge?

Justin Sun: At present, USDT-TRON’s technology is very mature and has reached the level of security and convenience at the financial enterprise level and can be used at any time.

At present, the stable coin Omni public chain circulating in the market, the first is the transfer fee is extremely high, the peak transfer requires a payment of RMB 100, and sometimes the transaction failure will be delayed due to the fee problem, the transfer in Tron is completely free, greatly reducing the burden on the transferor and the risk of rollback. Second, Omni’s transfer is very slow. Now it takes more than fifteen minutes for a transfer to be received, and the transfer in Tron takes only a second. The speed is greatly improved. Third, the Omni chain can only be used for transfer, can not be programmed, similar to the current stable coin running on the calculator, and the Tron public chain is an operating system with smart contracts, the difference between the two is similar to the IOS system and calculator The difference, the scalability and programmability of the stable currency have been greatly enhanced.