15 3月

Token2049: Security Tokens, Bottom Calling and Avocados

This Article wrote By Sead Fadilpašić


At the Token2049 event in Hong Kong, which ended today, things were far from boring: Estonian crypto exchange DX.Exchange has announced their own security token, while other panelists were looking for the Bitcoin bottom, and the team behind smart contract platform Tron has reportedly sent someone in an avocado costume to troll Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of competing platform Ethereum.

Another platform for security token trading

Estonia-based digital asset marketplace DX.Exchange announced at the conference that it will begin to list security tokens starting today, March 14th, along with launching their own token, dubbed In Good We Trust (IGWT). The token’s purpose is to showcase the new security token service and help raise funds for the company, which will be restructured into a new entity called DXtech Exchange. They have also announced that 18 million IGWT tokens will be sold in a private sale, with 10% of the exchange’s profits to be regularly distributed to the token holders. There will be no minimum investment amount.

DX.Exchange’s CEO and co-founder Daniel Skowronski said at his panel, titled “STOs and Security Tokens – The Future of Crypto is Closer than we Think” that the move would “mark a further step towards realizing its vision of tokenizing the world and opening the doors to a new crypto economy.” He went on to add, “We believe that all assets whether its securities, art or real-estate will be tokenized. This tokenization has many benefits but the strongest is the ability to help create wealth for people all over the world no matter their social economic situation. At DX, we can help trade the untradeable.”

Bottom calling remains a favorite hobby

A panel, titled “Crypto Analysts: When Moon?” called out new bottoms – reportedly as low as USD 1,300 for Bitcoin.

According to tweets from the event, popular cryptocurrency analyst Murad Mahmudov and Arjun Balaji, an independent blockchain researcher, see the Bitcoin bottom in the USD 2,000 – USD 2,500 range by the end of summer 2019, while another crypto analyst and trader Tone Vays is the one to go as low as USD 1,300.

However, at least Mahmudov and Balaji are reportedly more optimistic about 2020.

Bitcoin is one thing, but the panelists do not hold much love for Ethereum, having unanimously indicated that they consider ETH’s current price of around USD 130 to be overpriced.

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Abra adds ETH support

Global investment app Abra announced at the event that it has expanded support for the Ethereum platform by integrating the platform’s native coin, ETH. Users are now able to deposit, invest, and withdraw ether directly from the Abra app. Interestingly, ETH was previously available on Abra as a synthetic asset, meaning that users had exposure to the price movements of ether and could only make deposits into the Abra app via a US-based bank account, American Express card, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin.

Now, users can directly deposit and withdraw ETH via any Ethereum wallet. “By adding native ether support, Abra users will now be able to easily buy and move ether from other wallets to the Abra app,” said Bill Barhydt, CEO and founder of Abra. “This also opens up the potential to use ETH as an on-ramp to invest in the other assets listed on Abra.”

Avocado: more than just healthy food

The avocado issue started on Twitter, between Tron CEO Justin Sun and Buterin. After Tron acquired BitTorrent, a file sharing protocol with the community of over 100 million users, and launched the BitTorrent token, Sun dug out an interview from 2017 where Buterin praises BitTorrent. The latter was quick to correct the assumption that he is indirectly endorsing Tron: “That interview was from Aug 2017. Tron acquired BitTorrent in July 2018. My praise for BitTorrent had nothing to do with Tron. This is like implying that because I like avocados, I approve of everyone who has ever bought an avocado.”

Now, the Tron community got stuck on the avocado comment. Tone Vays posted a video showing someone in a smiling avocado suit with the Tron and BitTorrent logos on it taking pics with attendees, writing, “Documenting for Future: [Justin Sun] & [Tron] team r [sic] headed to troll Vitalik Buterin at Ethereum Speach [sic] Token2049 [with] avocado (I can tell u [sic] why but will be the fun in that 😂). Who’s [sic] side does a #Bitcoin Maxi take?.. Rooting for avocado!”

The community, for the most part, does not consider this funny.

“New lows for both Tron and Tone. No surprises there,” writes Twitter user @antiprosynth, while others are calling the stunt “desperate” and “needy.” Another user under the handle @brothatsrowdy writes, “Cringe af. Talk about emotionally attached to a coin when you are supposed to be a trader.”

15 3月

88,888 venapi? Yes it’s the Airdrop of VenaPi

Maybe recently you find that in your wallet, you receive an airdrop of 88,888 venapi. You may wonder, is the venapi token of VenaPi? Can the token be traded?

Absolutely it is the token of VenaPi. VenaPi has issued two kind of token, one is VENA, which can be traded on LBank & ABCC. The other one is venapi, this token cannot be traded on exchange for the moment. VENA and venapi are both from VenaPi, but they are not the same one.

Now VenaPi team is adding value to venapi token and we can expect for that. If you have received the airdrop of venapi, remember to keep it in your VenaPi wallet, and keep focus for the news of venapi!

If you haven’t receive, maybe the reason is that you are not an active address in VenaPi. So try more DApps on VenaPi, the more you use VenaPi, the bigger chance you will have to receive venapi airdrop!

14 3月

Justin Sun, founder of botron, talks with CNBC

Recently, Justin Sun, the founder of the wave field TRON. He was interviewed by the CNBC in the United States. CNBC is the global financial cable TV satellite news station held by NBC Universal Group and it is also the leader in the global financial media.

In the past year, TRON ranked 7th in the total market value of cryptocurrencies in the world from the 15th at the beginning of the year. The main network of TRON launched more than 200 dapps in just three months. Ranking 6 among the top 10 dapps in all public chain. The number of single-day transfers of TRON ranged from 0 to 3564905 in 7 months. And the number of accounts on the main network of TRON ranged from 0 to 1598135 in 7 months. In this interview with CNBC, Justin sun, founder of TRON, we can see that the popularity of TRON in the world has been increasing.

The audience of CNBC are most influencers and executives. They have higher incomes and better consumption capacity. CNBC’s interview to Justin Sun has deeply reported the advantage and condition of TRON. As the audience of CNBC hold the most wealth and is the most influential. This interview will make more audience have the capacity to benefit from investment.

14 3月

VenaPi is Looking for Telegram Group Manager of America Group

Now, VenaPi is focusing more and more on oversea market.

As we know, 90% of TRON users locates at areas out of China, the country of Justin Sun. As a TRON wallet, VenaPi locates at Singapore, and has been looking for more oversea chances.

VenaPi has prepared for oversea markets since its born. VenaPi supports 14 languages while most other wallets only support 3~4. The 14 languages includes Russian Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, etc. except English.

As blockchain world is a decentralized world for the whole globe, VenaPi wants to benefit all users around the world.

VenaPi has a Russian group now and is building an American group now. If you live in America and are familiar with TRON and DApp, please contact @xianzhexia on telegram, and VenaPi is offering TRX for your work.

Don’t hesitate to contact @xianzhexia !

13 3月

The VenaPi New Version: Several Fuctions Added

Recently, VenaPi released the 1.2.0 new version, and added several practical functions. The new functions include:

Mnemonic words
Wallet backup to local
DApp shortcut to desktop
Improve asset list classification

Let’s see how to use these functions.

Mnemonic words

When you are creating a wallet, you can copy mnemonic words. And when you are importing a wallet, you can import with your mnemonic words. But only VenaPi mnemonic words are supported.

Wallet backup to local

You can backup your wallet to local, and thus re-import the wallet information when you change your mobile or reinstall your app.

DApp shortcut to desktop

If some DApp is your favorite, and you want to visit the DApp more conveniently, you can add it to your desktop.

Improve asset list classification

The tokens are divided into 3 tabs: All, TRX/TRC-10, TRC-20. Thus, you can find your token more easily.

Now let’s download the newest version VenaPi wallet and try the new functions!

13 3月

The | BTT (BitTorrent) airdrops for users who hold TRX have been finished in march

Bittorrent Airdrop

The BitTorrent foundation announced that: all BTT (BitTorrent) airdrops have been sent in March. And the total amount of airdrops this time is 990,000,000BTT. All TRX addresses in the TRON main network can obtain the corresponding proportion of airdrops without any operation. And the airdrops can be obtained regardless of freezing or non-freezing.

The next airdrop will take place on April 11, said Justin sun, founder of BitTorrent foundation. Thereafter, 1.2% of the first year will be dropped in December. 1.3% of the second year will be dropped in December, and the sixth year will be 1.7% of the sixth year. In order to reward the long-term holding of TRX and receive BTT award. There will be irregular air drop award. For details, please refer to BitTorrent announcement, a total of 10.1% of BTT will be dropped to TRX holders.

12 3月

New Tool on VenaPi! The first Tronbet Miner with Strategies!

A new DApp is on VenaPi. Vminer, a miner for Tronbet, planning to support more games in the future. This is the first miner with strategies, which can help you mine and save your cost, even earn TRX for you.

Let’s see how does they introduce their miner.

TRONbet Vminer is coming!

TRONbet is a very popular game that almost everyone likes it. However, for some players and miners, it costs too much time and energy to keep playing inefficiently. They choose to use auto mode. But auto mode doesn’t mean everything is OK. Sometimes we want to control the cost, we may hope to stop auto betting when TRX balance is low or when we have get enough ANTE.

However, the auto mode now can’t offer these functions, so we need a mining tool. Vminer can not only offer auto bet settings, but also help you earn TRX with special strategy!

Let’s take a look!


Visit https://vminer.club and in this page, you can see your TRX balance. The left part is the data of mining progress, and the right part is the betting history. You can join the telegram community by click “Join community” on the top right corner, and in the middle of the page, it is about the settings of auto mode.

  1. First, you can choose recommend strategy or set manually. Vminer will offer you several strategies, and you may choose one to control the cost, even win more TRX (illustrated later); and if you choose manually setting, you can mine with your own strategy.
    If you choose manually setting, the first thing you need to do is basic setting. Now Vminer only support the Roll mode of TRONbet, so you can set bet amount, prediction and wining chance. First, you can choose recommend strategy or set manually. Vminer will offer you several strategies, and you may choose one to control the cost, even win more TRX (illustrated later); and if you choose manually setting, you can mine with your own strategy.
  2. If you choose manually setting, the first thing you need to do is basic setting. Now Vminer only support the Roll mode of TRONbet, so you can set bet amount, prediction and wining chance.

3.And there are more settings. Click “Advanced Settings”, and you can see that more settings are offered.

4.After you completed setting, click the “Start” button.


Other mining tools can only help users with auto betting, but Vminer can help users win TRX, how can Vminers do this?

On one hand, Vminer analyzes a lot of historic betting data, and find that there is big difference between actual winning chance and theoretical winning chance under different strategies. Vminer can analyze these differences and find strategies with high actual winning chance for users, so users will cost less, earn TRX;

On the other hand, Vminer picks data of good performance on TRONbet, analyzes the strategies.

Vminer can offer many auto betting strategy for users. These strategies are divided into two kinds. One offers low benefit and low risk, which is suitable for users who focus on mining to save their cost, and the other offers high benefit and high risk, which is suitable for users who wants to win more TRX when mining.

That is the magic of Vminer. It is not only a mining tool but also a quantized winning strategy.


Tronbet is a game that everyone likes. However, for severe players and miners, it costs too much time and energy to play turn after turn and the efficiency is low. So they will use auto bet function. But auto bet doesn’t mean everything is OK. Sometimes we want to control the cost, we may hope too stop auto betting when TRX balance is low or when we have get enough ANTE.

However, the auto bet of Tronbet can’t offer these functions, so we need a miner. Vminer can not only offer auto bet settings, but also earn TRX for you with special strategy!

So let’s take a look!

12 3月

What is Double Spend Attack?

The “double spend attack” literally means that a sum of money has been spent twice. According to the illustration, the attacker defines a new longest chain by exposing the hidden block to the network, and the merchant can never receive the token. If the miner is allowed to withdraw coins without the sender or recipient, this will cause double spend attack.

The 51% attack, in simple terms, means that someone who has mastered more than 51% of the computing power of the entire network, like a race, is the first to complete a chain of longer, forged transactions. Because Bitcoin only recognizes the “longest chain”, forged trades will be recognized by all nodes, and eventually forged chain will become verified.

 If a digital currency suffers a 51% attack, the network will have a “double spend ” phenomenon.

The case is true, and the name of the token has been replaced by “a certain currency” for the protection project.

For example, on January 5, 2019, a well-known project token was observed to have been double-spent when it was deposited on multiple exchanges such as Coinbase.

Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said, “We have observed repeated deep reorganization of a certain currency, most of which contain ‘double spend attack’ (double cost). So far, we have observed the total value of ‘double spend attack’ is 88,500 ($460,000). As part of this commitment, our monitoring of blockchain activity may be detrimental to our customers and we have acted quickly to protect funds. We want to emphasize to our customers that Coinbase strives to be the most trusted and the safest exchange to buy, sell or store cryptocurrencies.”

51% attack

For malicious 51% attack, we should be prepared to take countermeasures to prevent and remedy.

(1) Keep the computing power scattered. The centralized computing power is the root cause of the 51% attack. As long as the centralization power exists, under the satoshi consensus. All POW blockchains cannot theoretically avoid 51% attacks.

(2) Avoid conflicts with POW algorithms of other blockchain.

(3) Establish an early warning mechanism. A good early warning mechanism can greatly reduce the impact of 51% attacks. And the exchange can take appropriate defenses to avoid losses. In the case of 51% attack. You can defend against attacks by increasing the number of confirmed transactions. Suspending the withdrawal of coins, and freezing suspicious accounts.

As the cryptocurrency market becomes less active. The enthusiasm of miners for maintaining the POW project will diminish. And more PoW projects will be exposed to the 51% attack.

In this context, the industry is becoming more sensitive to such events.

12 3月

OKEX announced to open fiat currency business for TRON

March 9th, OKEx announced that in order to meet the needs of the majority of users for fiat currency transactions, the OKEX fiat currency trading zone has opened TRX’s fiat currency trading business at 11:00 (Singapore time) on March 7, 2019. All functions during the update period are not affected. According to statistics, this TRX will add 41 trading pairs after the OKEX fiat currency trading business is online.

The OKEx French Currency Open Area is targeted at users who purchase cash in digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Users can decide whether to buy or sell the price and choose who to deal with. All digital assets in the open area of the legal currency transaction support the transfer of the spot account.