05 6月

TRON block height exceeded 9.8 million

On June 4th, according to the latest data of TRON block chain browser (https://tronscan.org), Tron block height reached 9810355, exceeding 9.8 million. In recent half a year, TRON ecological network has developed rapidly, ushered in unprecedented growth and visualization data explosion.

With the continuous promotion of DApp development strategy by Tron. More and more intelligent contract developers will settle in TVM. With the gradual strengthening of Tron ecology, there will also be more trading volume. Helping block chain technology to realize the real value landing. In the coming days. Tron will continue to work hard to usher in greater breakthroughs!

04 6月

Tron founder Justin Sun announced the auction of buffett’s expensive lunch

On June 4, Justin Sun, posted on his weibo&Twitter account that he successfully bid a record-breaking $4567,888 for buffett’s 20th anniversary charity lunch. Justin Sun said that he has always been a long-term believer in buffett’s value investment philosophy, and he hopes to invite famous people in the blockchain industry to communicate with buffett, so as to enhance the understanding and friendship between top traditional investors and digital currency, and truly benefit the whole industry. (see previous report by titanium media → “buffett’s lunch reaches a record high of $4.57 million, which is likely to be snapped up by another Chinese”)

Notably, buffett also criticized bitcoin speculation at last month’s shareholder meeting as akin to gambling in Las Vegas. Buffett also has a consistent attitude towards bitcoin. As early as 2014, buffett commented that bitcoin is an illusion. And later repeatedly warned that bitcoin is more toxic than rat poison. But in rejecting bitcoin, buffett has also affirmed blockchain. In an interview with CNBC in February, buffett noted that blockchain is important. But bitcoin has no unique value. Bitcoin is essentially an illusion.

In a letter to the community posted on weibo, sun yuchen noted that buffett has said publicly that he does not think bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has unique value, but he also pointed out the potential of blockchain as the underlying technology of all cryptocurrencies.

Big Thing

Earlier, Justin Sun on the circle of friends in the post said, did a big thing, three days later announced. Seems to point.

It is understood that Justin Sun is the founder of TRON, and TRON protocol is one of the largest decentralized application operating system protocols based on block chain in the world. Sun is also one of the well-known entrepreneurs of the post-90s generation in China. His mobile social application peime is called “the third pole of post-90s mobile social communication”.

It is reported that the buffett charity lunch auction, is the first auction activity since 2000, again set a new record.

More and More Tron wallet such as VenaPi win the users with the development of Tron.

01 6月

[Chinese news]A diagram of BTFS | shows four advantages of BTFS decentralized storage projects

Recently, BitTorrent announced the launch of BTFS decentralized storage project. According to sun yuchen, founder of TRON, the project has the following four advantages:

More reliable service

BTFS decentralized service provider control server, completely avoid the local interruption and denial of service attacks caused by the storage of files.

  1. Lower price

BTFS data storage is cheap, avoiding situations where EOS can cost more than $150 to store 1MB of data. It greatly reduces the cost of storage and maintenance.

  1. More decentralized structure

BTFS users can host files in a centralized way, providing looser storage services while ensuring file security.

  1. Better incentives

BTFS will be closely integrated with token economy to better encourage users to share storage space and retrieve files, and greatly activate the exchange of storage value in network ecology.

In addition, wave field TRON founder sun yuchen also said: BTFS decentralized storage mode, coupled with wave field TRON ecological network, will bring revolution! Let us look forward to it together!

31 5月

SkyPeople, a well-known Korean game studio, has established a business partnership with TRON

Derek Park, CEO of mobile game development company SkyPeople, announced that he and sun signed a memorandum of understanding on April 2, 2019. The two sides have agreed to work together on the game distribution business, and Dragon Castle is the first one. On the one hand, SkyPeople continues to produce high-quality blockchain games, on the other hand, wave field TRON user base is growing, the establishment of the partnership will pave the way for the wide application of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Derek Park, CEO of SkyPeople, said, “this mou reflects the vision of both companies to activate the TRON network and community through SkyPeople’s game and blockchain development. Through long-term partnerships with clear results, we will demonstrate the possibilities of new markets.” He added: “to that end, SkyPeople is reviewing releases on our own DApp to bring good news as soon as possible.”

About SkyPeople

SkyPeople is a game development company famous for the popular RPG game Final Blade. The Final Blade was a big hit, sweeping markets in Taiwan and South Korea and topping the game’s download charts. In 2019, SkyPeople released Final Blade worldwide. The update is highly anticipated, with more than 300,000 users participating in pre-registration.

Since last year, SkyPeople has been involved in blockchain technology to explore game development and business opportunities in this field. The team is a super delegate to the TRON community and holds the record for the largest chunk count of all super delegates.

Following the launch of Dragon Castle and game platform token DC. SkyPeople aims to create a new era of blockchain game market with shocking game images and sophisticated design.

And, VenaPi offers the latest version of Dragon Castle for full mobile optimization! Go to the Google Play store to download the VenaPi wallet. You can kill red dragon, knock down ogre chief and destroy skeleton knight at any time on the phone!

24 5月

Justin Sun:Anytime is not too late to enter the digital currency market

LongHash: first of all, what do you think is the biggest resistance to cryptocurrency adoption right now?

Justin Sun: I don’t think the current experience of cryptocurrencies is good for most people. So they still need to understand cryptocurrencies first, and do more and learn more. This is the biggest obstacle to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

LongHash: what do you think is the most underrated aspect of the industry right now?

Justin Sun: I think it is BitTorrent. We’re going live in the second quarter of this year, but a lot of people don’t know how big it is yet. BitTorrent has users in 138 countries and 100 million active users worldwide. I believe it will have a huge, positive impact on the industry when it goes live in the second quarter.

LongHash: what do you think is the point of the overhyped industry?

Justin Sun: I think people always think that cryptocurrencies can change everything. However, I believe the biggest impact will be in gaming and finance, where decentralized technology is adopted, rather than in all industries. This year, we recommended some great tron wallet(such as VenaPi) and dapps to users. We’ve also seen a lot of IEO announcements recently, and there are a lot of traditional industries that have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies that are also starting to issue COINS, just like the ICO explosion of 2017. So I firmly believe that you have to look at the project to see what the real function of the token is.

23 5月

OKEx will start trading TRX futures on May 20

Recently, south Korean media COINCODE published an article. OKEx will start trading TRON (TRX) futures on May 20. The article mentioned that OKEx (www.okex.com) is one of the world’s famous digital asset trading platforms. Which mainly provides bitcoin, litecoin, ether bitcoin and other digital assets and bitcoin derivatives trading services for users around the world. OKEx recently announced: “we are pleased to announce that trading in TRON (TRX) futures will officially begin on May 20, 2019 at 08:00 (CET, UTC + 1).”

COINCODE is one of the major blockchain financial media in South Korea and has significant influence in the industry. The media spread important virtual currency news around the world, greatly saving investors’ time and energy. At present, the media also has mobile terminal software, loved by the majority of readers.

We believe more and more tron wallet and tron dapp will appear.

17 5月

Opera wallet will support TRON

Opera, the first Web3 browser, has announced its intention to support TRON’s TRX token and other TRC standard tokens in its browser in the near future. Currently, Opera’s encrypted wallet supports ETH and ERC tokens.

Opera’s decision to add another mainstream blockchain to its platform marks a further step in its strategy to make Web3 more inclusive and globally user-friendly. Integrating the TRON tokens into Opera’s encrypted wallet enables hundreds of millions of Opera users to experience TRON games and decentralized apps (DApp) in their browsers. The user interface is seamless and requires no third-party browser extensions or wallet applications.

“TRON is a popular and rapidly growing blockchain with a rapidly growing DApp ecosystem. “We’re excited to open our browser to TRON,” said Krystian Kolondra, vice President and head of browsers at Opera.

Support TRX

“We are very excited that Opera, the mainstream browser with hundreds of millions of users, will be able to support TRX and other TRON tokens seamlessly,” said Justin Sun, CEO of TRON. “Opera users will also soon be able to use DApp on TRON’s blockchain.”

In December 2018, Opera became the first major android browser to include both a native encrypted wallet and a Web 3 browser. These new features enable people to trade and interact with Web 3, the blockchain-based future of the Internet. Opera’s PC browser introduced this feature in April 2019. The iOS version is currently in beta and will be released later this year.

In late 2018, TRON announced TRON Arcade, a $100 million fund dedicated to gaming apps. According to DApp review website DappReview, there are more than 400 dapps on the TRON blockchain. Many of them have use cases related to entertainment. TRON now has more than 2.8 million TRX accounts and about 3 million transactions in 24 hours.

Opera is the preferred browser for more than 300 million users worldwide. The company’s decision to integrate the new blockchain into its browser marks a step closer to developing forward-looking applications. These applications will be able to interact with as many blockchains as possible, providing the most fluid experience for users.

Opera plans to add support for multiple blockchains in the next 12 months. After successfully integrating the TRON blockchain, Opera users will be able to use TRX tokens from TRON and TRC standard tokens in their browsers. Opera’s encrypted wallet already supports ETH and erc-20 standard tokens.

Opera, with its encrypted wallet and Web 3 support, is already available on android smartphones, Windows and Linux PCS, and apple macs. The wallet can also be used in the Opera Touch freshness app on iOS. The browser already supports ethereum and will soon support TRON. In September 2018, Opera reached a strategic partnership with Ledger Capital to develop its blockchain technology plan. Ledger Capital played an important role in the establishment of the partnership between Opera and TRON.

About the Opera

Founded in Norway in 1995, Opera provides browser-powered and ai-driven digital content recommendation solutions to more than 320 million people worldwide. Today, Opera remains one of the world’s most innovative browser creators. Opera is listed on nasdaq under the ticker symbol “OPRA.”

15 5月

Justin Sun attend the New York consensus conference for in-depth dialogue with a number of blockchain industry giants

Recently, TRON founder Justin Sun appeared in New York consensus conference. Consensus conference in New York is a global chain block ecosystem all practitioners of an industry event. Wall Street financial giants, well-known investment institutions. Block chain star startups, famous academic research organizations and participation in the main national regulators. The conference is chain ground application progress and the case, the block chain technology development, regulatory policy dialogue on the depth of the topic and discussed. Incluing VenaPi tron wallet.

From the photos sent by Justin Sun, we can see that as a leading figure in the blockchain industry. Justin Sun had in-depth communication with many industry experts at the New York consensus conference. TRON is gradually recognized by more practitioners all over the world. While Tron ecology is gradually strong, it will also usher in more trading volume and help blockchain technology to truly realize value landing.

13 5月

Cred joining the TRON ecosystem, will give its hundreds of millions of users access to cryptocurrency digital money management

Recently, Japanese media Cointokyo published an article: Cred joined TRON ecology, which will provide its hundreds of millions of users with cryptocurrency digital currency management.

The article mainly mentioned that Cred joining the TRON ecology. It will enable the holders of native token TRX to obtain up to 10% of the annual deposit income. Through various wallets and DApp on the Tron chain. Cred (LBA) will also support the rapid growth of the Tron ecosystem. Which is by providing the Tron developer community with popular digital cryptocurrency-based loan products.Tron wallet VenaPi in Japan is popular.

Cointokyo is one of the fastest targeted media platforms in Japan. A professional Japanese media that mainly provides virtual currency enthusiasts with the latest information on virtual currency and blockchain.

09 5月

Cred’s addition to the TRON ecosystem will provide cryptocurrency and digital money management for hundreds of millions of users

TRON, one of the world’s largest underlying blockchain systems. Acquired BitTorrent in 2018 and now has more than 100 million users worldwide. Cred (LBA) is the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency community financial services. With more than $300 million in lending lines of credit.

Cred’s entry into the TRON ecosystem will allow holders of native tokens TRX to receive up to 10% annualized returns on their deposits through various wallets and dapps on the Tron chain. Cred (LBA) will also support the rapid growth of the Tron ecosystem. Which is by providing the Tron developer community with popular digital cryptocurrency-based loan products.

In addition, Cred will provide a 10% annualized benefit to users who deposit at least $25,000 in TRX equivalent through https://mycred.io/tron.

Cred’s lending is based on the borrower’s excess collateral. And it also offers wealth management benefits based on crypto-digital assets and several mainstream fiat currencies (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.). To make money on their deposits, TRX holders transferred their crypto-digital assets into their exclusive CredEarn wallet. With a fixed maturity of six months, paying quarterly interest in stable COINS and returning a portion of the principal at maturity.