15 5月

Justin Sun attend the New York consensus conference for in-depth dialogue with a number of blockchain industry giants

Recently, TRON founder Justin Sun appeared in New York consensus conference. Consensus conference in New York is a global chain block ecosystem all practitioners of an industry event. Wall Street financial giants, well-known investment institutions. Block chain star startups, famous academic research organizations and participation in the main national regulators. The conference is chain ground application progress and the case, the block chain technology development, regulatory policy dialogue on the depth of the topic and discussed. Incluing VenaPi tron wallet.

From the photos sent by Justin Sun, we can see that as a leading figure in the blockchain industry. Justin Sun had in-depth communication with many industry experts at the New York consensus conference. TRON is gradually recognized by more practitioners all over the world. While Tron ecology is gradually strong, it will also usher in more trading volume and help blockchain technology to truly realize value landing.

07 5月

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, as one of the first goodwill ambassadors of the “Binance children program”

The bitcoin foundation announced that the first 11 most influential people in the blockchain industry will join the initiative as goodwill ambassadors. Among them, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, as one of the most influential goodwill ambassadors in the Binance & security blockchain industry, will work closely with Binance & security charity, and call on the public to pay attention to the charity of blockchain, so as to contribute to the implementation of the blockchain in the charity industry.

The charity will work with 11 of its ambassadors to improve the nutrition. Health and education of vulnerable children by supporting transparent philanthropy. Unlike traditional philanthropy, all donations to Binance charity go directly to the ultimate beneficiaries. Ensuring a transparent, efficient and low-cost operation.

CEO Zhao ChangPeng has high hopes for the plan: “transparency will revolutionize the charity industry.” “” from the ‘love BTC’ in 2014 to the current Binance charity. We have finally witnessed the growth of blockchain philanthropy as it should be.” “said He Yi, co-founder and CMO of Binance charity.

The original intention

Other goodwill ambassadors have also expressed their full support for the charity initiative. Bitcoin mainland co-founder JiHan Wu said blockchain will empower philanthropy. ‘we are greater for helping others,’ says NEO founder Hung Fei Da, known as “Da-uncle”.

The original intention of bitcoin security charity to launch a completely transparent charitable donation platform. Which is based on the block chain technology and launch the “Binance security children plan” is to solve social development problems. And empower the society through the block chain technology, and it is expected to enhance the public’s understanding of the block chain through these actions and promote the implementation of the block chain technology.

The charity has provided free lunches to about 3,700 students and teachers at 11 schools in Uganda. The goodwill ambassador program will support bitcoin charity’s broader bitcoin for children program in Africa. Supporting more than 100,000 children in 160 schools.

TRON will also cooperate with you to spread the idea of charity to the whole world. Drive transparent charity through blockchain, and create a better future for children in more backward areas!

19 3月

Justin Sun:Tron ratings soared to the second, what is the root cause behind?

The CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index (10th edition) was officially released. This year Tron ranked second, and the performance is excellent, exceeding Ethereum, Ethereum ranked third. In addition, Bitcoin still ranked in the upper middle section, only 13th, but it has increased by 2 compared with the previous period.

TRON has won a high score of 96.8 on basic technology and 24.6 points on applicability; meanwhile ETH has won two scores of 73.8 and 29 respectively.

Why does the Tron score so high?

Within four months from October 2018, the daily transaction volume on the TRON network soared from 130,000 transactions to 1.7 million transactions per day, a more than tenfold increase.

The index evaluation model of this period continues to start from the basic technology. Application and innovation of the public chain. In order to improve the support for the original technology and openness of the public chain, the index weight of the evaluation model is slightly increased. The basic technology mainly evaluates the technology implementation level of the public chain, and examines the function, performance, security and decentralization of the public chain.

Statistic data shows, average of index of basic technology rises somewhat than last period. Applicability mainly evaluates the comprehensive level of public chain supporting practical applications, including node deployment, wallet application, development support and application implementation. The mean value of the applicability index was slightly higher than that of the previous period.

Innovation mainly focuses on the continuous innovation of the public chain, including the size of developers, code update and code influence. Comparable data show that the average value of the innovation index has increased slightly compared with the previous period, indicating that the innovation activity of the public chain technology has increased.

Is the Tron 3.5 coming?

On February 28, Justin Sun posted a tweet saying that Tron Network will be upgraded to version 3.5 within 12 hours. It is reported that this version upgrade has 6 major improvements to the previous version:

  1. Establish account authority system and set multi-signature;
  2. Dynamically adjust energy limit in real time according to the current state of the network;
  3. Further optimization of transaction de-duplication logic. Overall performance improvement 5%. Improve block broadcast efficiency, reduce resource usage to 50%. 4 optimize the security of some virtual machine instructions;
  4. Implement better performance and more flexible event server, which is convenient for DApp developers to develop applications;
    6, Optimize the host-standby functions to increase the stability of the entire network.
15 3月

Token2049: Security Tokens, Bottom Calling and Avocados

This Article wrote By Sead Fadilpašić


At the Token2049 event in Hong Kong, which ended today, things were far from boring: Estonian crypto exchange DX.Exchange has announced their own security token, while other panelists were looking for the Bitcoin bottom, and the team behind smart contract platform Tron has reportedly sent someone in an avocado costume to troll Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of competing platform Ethereum.

Another platform for security token trading

Estonia-based digital asset marketplace DX.Exchange announced at the conference that it will begin to list security tokens starting today, March 14th, along with launching their own token, dubbed In Good We Trust (IGWT). The token’s purpose is to showcase the new security token service and help raise funds for the company, which will be restructured into a new entity called DXtech Exchange. They have also announced that 18 million IGWT tokens will be sold in a private sale, with 10% of the exchange’s profits to be regularly distributed to the token holders. There will be no minimum investment amount.

DX.Exchange’s CEO and co-founder Daniel Skowronski said at his panel, titled “STOs and Security Tokens – The Future of Crypto is Closer than we Think” that the move would “mark a further step towards realizing its vision of tokenizing the world and opening the doors to a new crypto economy.” He went on to add, “We believe that all assets whether its securities, art or real-estate will be tokenized. This tokenization has many benefits but the strongest is the ability to help create wealth for people all over the world no matter their social economic situation. At DX, we can help trade the untradeable.”

Bottom calling remains a favorite hobby

A panel, titled “Crypto Analysts: When Moon?” called out new bottoms – reportedly as low as USD 1,300 for Bitcoin.

According to tweets from the event, popular cryptocurrency analyst Murad Mahmudov and Arjun Balaji, an independent blockchain researcher, see the Bitcoin bottom in the USD 2,000 – USD 2,500 range by the end of summer 2019, while another crypto analyst and trader Tone Vays is the one to go as low as USD 1,300.

However, at least Mahmudov and Balaji are reportedly more optimistic about 2020.

Bitcoin is one thing, but the panelists do not hold much love for Ethereum, having unanimously indicated that they consider ETH’s current price of around USD 130 to be overpriced.

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Abra adds ETH support

Global investment app Abra announced at the event that it has expanded support for the Ethereum platform by integrating the platform’s native coin, ETH. Users are now able to deposit, invest, and withdraw ether directly from the Abra app. Interestingly, ETH was previously available on Abra as a synthetic asset, meaning that users had exposure to the price movements of ether and could only make deposits into the Abra app via a US-based bank account, American Express card, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin.

Now, users can directly deposit and withdraw ETH via any Ethereum wallet. “By adding native ether support, Abra users will now be able to easily buy and move ether from other wallets to the Abra app,” said Bill Barhydt, CEO and founder of Abra. “This also opens up the potential to use ETH as an on-ramp to invest in the other assets listed on Abra.”

Avocado: more than just healthy food

The avocado issue started on Twitter, between Tron CEO Justin Sun and Buterin. After Tron acquired BitTorrent, a file sharing protocol with the community of over 100 million users, and launched the BitTorrent token, Sun dug out an interview from 2017 where Buterin praises BitTorrent. The latter was quick to correct the assumption that he is indirectly endorsing Tron: “That interview was from Aug 2017. Tron acquired BitTorrent in July 2018. My praise for BitTorrent had nothing to do with Tron. This is like implying that because I like avocados, I approve of everyone who has ever bought an avocado.”

Now, the Tron community got stuck on the avocado comment. Tone Vays posted a video showing someone in a smiling avocado suit with the Tron and BitTorrent logos on it taking pics with attendees, writing, “Documenting for Future: [Justin Sun] & [Tron] team r [sic] headed to troll Vitalik Buterin at Ethereum Speach [sic] Token2049 [with] avocado (I can tell u [sic] why but will be the fun in that 😂). Who’s [sic] side does a #Bitcoin Maxi take?.. Rooting for avocado!”

The community, for the most part, does not consider this funny.

“New lows for both Tron and Tone. No surprises there,” writes Twitter user @antiprosynth, while others are calling the stunt “desperate” and “needy.” Another user under the handle @brothatsrowdy writes, “Cringe af. Talk about emotionally attached to a coin when you are supposed to be a trader.”

14 3月

Justin Sun, founder of botron, talks with CNBC

Recently, Justin Sun, the founder of the wave field TRON. He was interviewed by the CNBC in the United States. CNBC is the global financial cable TV satellite news station held by NBC Universal Group and it is also the leader in the global financial media.

In the past year, TRON ranked 7th in the total market value of cryptocurrencies in the world from the 15th at the beginning of the year. The main network of TRON launched more than 200 dapps in just three months. Ranking 6 among the top 10 dapps in all public chain. The number of single-day transfers of TRON ranged from 0 to 3564905 in 7 months. And the number of accounts on the main network of TRON ranged from 0 to 1598135 in 7 months. In this interview with CNBC, Justin sun, founder of TRON, we can see that the popularity of TRON in the world has been increasing.

The audience of CNBC are most influencers and executives. They have higher incomes and better consumption capacity. CNBC’s interview to Justin Sun has deeply reported the advantage and condition of TRON. As the audience of CNBC hold the most wealth and is the most influential. This interview will make more audience have the capacity to benefit from investment.

27 2月

Justin Sun accepted interview and reward Zhao Yu, a famous righteous and courageous figure

 “Zhao Yu helped others and now it is turn for us to help him”

On Justin Sun‘s Weibo, this “helpful and helpless” weibo has been forwarded more than 60,000 times, and the number of praises has exceeded 200,000.

On February 17, Fuzhou young man Zhao Yu asked help in weibo, saying that he had been physically injured due to having hurt someone when he was helping a victim, female neighbor of sexual abuse of and was seriously injured.

He was arrested for 14 days for alleged intentional injury. If you are brave enough, you may have to face the subsequent jail and large-scale economic compensation, which means that it is unacceptable and requires innocence. The case quickly triggered widespread concern in society.

On the second day (February 18th),  Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, announced on his social media that he would provide a total of 10 million yuan in support for Zhao Yu and attached a detailed subsidy program. As soon as the plan came out, netizens also exploded into two sides.

One side is the solidarity of the justice knight, and the other is the questioning of the marketing. This is not the first time he has been in such a paradox of public opinion.

Not long ago, he also promised to help the founder of the small yellow bike, Dai Wei, refund the deposit of 10,000 users, and it was also criticized by everyone.

Recently, Justin Sun accepted an exclusive interview with and responded to outside disputes for the first time. For him, to be brave, you need encouragement, and you are worthy of your heart. 

Show his version

However, his concern is not limited to this. Along the way, this highly controversial entrepreneur on the hot spot knows that a simple business can only make a profitable enterprise, and only with a sense of social responsibility can a great enterprise. This is his vision and expectations.

In the interview, when asked if he met the entrepreneur’s image in his definition, he did not make a clear statement, but he still clearly felt his high demand for his entrepreneurial identity.

In dealing with entrepreneurship, he always insists on trusting users and the market. He hopes that the Tron under his leadership can become a new ecosystem of open source, freedom, equality and distribution, serving the global developers and users.

Now, Justin Sun, who is on the road, still concentrates all his energy on the development of his company and career. He also said, “I hope that I and Tron can better bear the expectations that society gives us, and at the same time, we can better change human life with blockchain technology.”

The following is a textual record of the interview, edited by the Phoenix Network Blockchain:

| “I barely slept and was thinking of what could I do to provide help to him”

 Phoenix blockchain: You have always been concerned about social issues, how did you notice Zhao Yu case?

Justin Sun: Yesterday morning (February 18th), I was concerned about the weibo. I feel that the core of the reason that I am particularly concerned about is that the good guys are not getting reward and was brave enough to be jailed. After watching the news.

I was very uncomfortable at night, didn’t fall asleep, and always thought about what could I do to help.

 Phoenix blockchain: Have you contacted Zhao Yu? What are you expecting?

Justin Sun: At present, I paid attention to him on Weibo, and I have also sent a private letter contact, and I also got in touch with Zhao Yu’s lawyer. I feel that I must respect Zhao Yu’s wishes. He hopes that we can help us. The current situation is that we are on standby.

I hope that Zhao Yu will finally get a judgment and will not be subject to civil and criminal responsibility, and that the perpetrator can be punished. Of course, if the results are not satisfactory, we can accept it and provide Zhao Yu with the support as stipulated in our support plan.

Phoenix Blockchain: If the final result is as you announced, would you give up to 10 million?

Justin Sun: We will provide Zhao Yu with funding in accordance with our support plan and do more within our capabilities.

| “Zhao Yu needs to be rewarded”

Phoenix Blockchain: Someone say you are just doing marketing, what do you think?

Justin Sun: I personally have no intention of marketing. I hope that Zhao Yu can get help, at least I feel no longer alone. I feel that funding is the best place to help him, and it can also inspire people in society to do more good things. And such support is also relatively modest.

I also respect the law, respect the considerations and evidence of the public security organizations. Sometimes the boundaries are really vague. The judgment and handling of the law are both respectful and acceptable, but it is still the sentence that cannot allow the hero to bleed. 

Phoenix Blockchain: Last year you helped Dai Wei, creator of OFO to return deposit to 10,000 people, this year you helped Zhao yu and got praised, still someone say you are just saying good words, what do you think?

Justin Sun: A lot of people does not know that Dai Wei is angel investor of Tron. Of course Dai Wei made a huge profit in investing Tron. When I needed Dai Wei, he helped me, and when he needs help, I would like to help him.

 Phoenix Blockchain: Do you think the high-profile marketing help you in your business or bring you trouble?

Justin Sun: I did not think of much, I just want to help and of course I am 100% focused on Tron development.

| “I do not only want to develop a money-making company, but want to build a great company”

Phoenix Blockchain: Does this have relation with Tron?

Justin Sun: currently not, just my personal deed.

Phoenix Blockchain: The bigger the platform, the bigger it bears responsibility. What do you think of social influence should the company have?

Justin Sun: This is indeed the case, the enterprise is growing larger, and the responsibility is getting bigger. I also hope that I and the Tron can better bear the expectations that the society gives us. At the same time, it can also be better to have blockchain technology change the life of mankind.

Phoenix Blockchain: In the comment of your weibo, a lot of people forwarded and praised. It shows that as long as you are helping people, it is acceptable to some extent that you do marketing at the same time. What do you think of balancing marketing and social responsibility?

Justin Sun: I personally think that corporate social responsibility is a must. Every entrepreneur needs to have a sense of social responsibility. Many times, when making decisions, we need to consider not only business negotiations, but also social responsibility.

In particular, your vision values ​​are not just about making a very profitable business, but also when you want to be a great company.

New eraentrepreneur

Phoenix Blockchain: A lot of people praise you as new era entrepreneur, what do you think of it?

Justin Sun: In the comments of thousands of netizens, I also saw a message that impressed me. I borrowed it here:

Entrepreneur of the new era, I personally think that there should be a position, not awkward, not bullying and fearing. They will have many shortcomings, and they are not the standard shortcomings.

They are usually unknown in their own industry, do their jobs, and serve users and customers. But when we have some scenes in our life, they can stand up. Decisive role in maintaining social fairness and justice. When they grow stronger as a group, the whole society can give hope and confidence.

| “Users decide products”

Phoenix Blockchain: What is right and wrong things? 

Justin Sun: I personally think that if you are on the road to entrepreneurship, it is the right thing that the user approves is correct, and the things that the user does not recognize are wrong.

Never ask the CEO to decide the product, but let the user and the market decide the product.

Phoenix network blockchain: What is the core value of Tron in business? What kind of company do you want to make Tron into?

Sun Yuchen: The wave field is a new ecology. It is an Internet-based operating system. In the future, I hope that the wave field can carry the vast majority of online entertainment needs of all human beings.

It can be as open source, free, equal, and distributed as IOS and Android systems. Service to developers and users around the world.