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TRON DApp recommended: The best DApps to play

In the last 45 days of 2018, the number of TRON DApps has increased from a dozen to 200+ today. In an exclusive interview, Justin Sun said that at the end of 2019, the number of DApps will be at least 15 times of the current total.

That is to say, Justin Sun predicts that there will be 2000+ DApps at the end of 2019.

Among so many DApps, which of them are the most worth playing?

Let us conclude for you.

5. TronGoo

You may be familiar with the idle game TRON Shrimp Farm, which had been very hot for its attractive mode. But to be honest, as a game, Shrimp Farm is terrible in UI and gameplay. So it causes many copyists and they buries it.

There is no doubt that TronGoo is a much better one than Shrimp Farm. TronGoo has a cyberpunk style UI which makes the game textured. And the gameplay is much better with the system of producing and battle.

4. Crazy Dogs Live

Maybe you have played many gambling DApps, dice, fomo, poker, etc. And you just stare at the screen, watch the numbers change, maybe get some token, and maybe have a shit day. So you may choose auto bet, or you will be tired of that.

However in Crazy Dogs Live, you can do more things. One of them is to watch dogs to race. It is true that there are several dogs racing, from the beginning to the destination. No boring numbers. Certainly, Crazy Dogs Live has to do more to keep the interest of players, and let us expect more and better.

3. Tronbet

You know we will talk about Tronbet right? I think no one who play TRON DApps can avoid talking about Tronbet, since the game has the most players and the biggest volume.

The game now has three game modes, roll, moon and ring. It is a mature project and the real head DApp.

2. T-bank

This DApp is a special one. It is not a game, but a place where you can get energy. As you know, you have to cost energy to complete smart contacts, or you have to burn TRX. The only way to get energy is to freeze TRX, which means you can’t use the TRX to play.

T-bank solves the problem. You just need to pay little TRX, and you can get much energy to play your favorite DApps. Never worry about energy anymore.


There may be more than 100 gambling game on TRON, they nearly follow one mode: betting, mining, getting dividends. There is no innovation, so certainly no one can challenge Tronbet. But there is an exception, HashDice.

HashDice has a special design, dual-mining system. Players can bet with TRX or VENA, in two different mines, and fight for the treasure under the two mines. How to mine, with TRX or VENA, what is the proportion, that is how we can get more tokens.

And the referral is also interesting. In Hashdice, every invitation counts, your bonus will never be shared by your invitee. HashDice is a really fair game and absolutely worth playing.(Play game:Hashdice.org)