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Once TronGo was online, it has a rapidly increase in only a month and ranks in front in DAppReview. Till now, TronGo has released two games, Lucky Slot and Lucky Dice. Lucky Slot makes TronGo rapidly increase, and Lucky Dice keeps TronGo going ahead.

TRON, while comparable to the Ethereum network, proposes some interesting new features aimed at solving a few issues that plague users on most existing blockchains. They are a type of resource earned through using the “Freeze” function from within your TRX wallet.

The act of freezing your TRX tokens will lock them in place for a certain number of days, rendering you unable to trade or sell them until they are unfrozen. In exchange, your wallet is rewarded with resources that enable you to take certain actions with it.


To solve this problem, energy Bank t-bank was born. You can pay a small amount of TRX, and t-bank will mortgage a large amount of TRX for your energy. T-bank offers three packages, and you can customize the amount of energy and duration you need.

In the first package, for example, you pay 22.5TRX and t-bank will charge you 5,000 TRX for about 1,000,000 watts (the amount depends on the amount of current Tron network charge) that you can use for 3 days. In these 3 days, after energy consumption, it will recover over time. For deep players, especially miners, the actual energy gained is much more than 1 million.

Energy banking is a much better solution than running out of energy and causing TRX to burn or freezing a lot of TRX for energy. By paying a small amount of TRX, it can not only avoid the consumption of TRX in the handling fee, but also liberate the TRX held by itself. On the basis of reducing the loss, it maximizes the use efficiency of TRX.

Lucky Slot

Lucky Slot is a one-arm bandit game. The interface is designed with fruit elements, more featured than other DApp gambling games. Most gambling games are filled with dices and pokers, which are limited in gambling houses.

Compared with these gambling games, Lucky Slot is designed light and clear, its style makes players easy to relax, which makes it comfortable to play. On the other hand, the music is a highlight. When betting, different fruits have different sound effect, and when start the game and win the game, you will hear dynamic and victory music. 


Lucky Slot is also very easy to play. Just choose the fruit, you can start game with TRX or GO. The game has 7 kinds of 24 patterns, with different odds. 

Lucky Dice

Lucky Dice is a traditional roll game, with the same gameplay with other roll games. You can choose to roll over or roll under, and slide to choose number, ROLL to start, if lucky number falls in the zone you choose, you win and get prizes according to the odds.

Lucky Dice inherits the features of Lucky Slot, light and clear.


GO Token and dividends

GO is the token of TronGo, based on TRC20, totally issued 10 billion. You can mine GO by bet, and freeze GO to win dividends. The proportion of dividends is 70% of the income of the platform, which is a competitive proportion. And the team says GO will be on exchange in the future.

To summarize, it is the quality of the game and the high proportion of dividends that makes TronGo rapidly increase. We can expect that, since now nearly every game has mining and dividends merchanism, user experience, like fluency, UI, etc., will be more important factors to judge the game.

TronGo makes itself a game platform, we can expect that there will be more games. Can the new game give us more? Let’s wait and see.