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what’s the difference of App and DApp?

App, as we all know, is a client application, short for application. DApp is D + App, D is the first letter of certain words decentralization, word translation in Chinese is decentralized, namely DApp is decentralized applications.

This is to understand the concept literally. To form a clear, accurate and necessary concept in the mind, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of DApp.

If you have an App, why should you have a DApp?

First of all, the first reaction in our mind is this question, why should we have DApp? Isn’t the current App good? In the face of new things, most of the time is the subconscious rejection of resistance.

In fact, the two do not replace each other, or replace each other, or eliminate each other, but coexist, or DApp is the enrichment and perfection of App.

Because DApp is directly linked to the block chain technology, associated with transaction data and transaction assets, as well as non-tamper-able decentralized storage, DApp will receive more and more attention,and appear in various life scenes , as the block chain technology becomes more and more mature and popular.

What exactly is Dapp?

So if we’re talking about a decentralized application, why should an App be decentralized? Before answering this question, we need to know another concept — smart contract.

Contracts as we all know, similar to the contract, agreement, contract, abide by the rules, and intelligent contract is a contract whereby the electronic, digital, intelligent, a program in a contract is the contract written in code, this code once to write it, and cannot be modified cannot be tampered with, when external conditions change, such as breach of contract or the contract expires, intelligent contract will automatically be triggered.

Let’s say an author wants to write a book but doesn’t have the money. He or she wants to raise money through crowdfunding. So he or she makes an agreement with his or her readers and fans: after the book is published, the author will share the money according to the sales volume of the book, and the agreed content will be written into the smart contract.

How to change the contract

In this way, if the author feels that the book should be sold, he or she cannot unilaterally break the contract or modify the content. Even if the author is strong and the reader is weak. He or she cannot change the contract. Because the contract is already on the blockchain. Instead of being in duplicate, all participants store one copy, so the author has to comply with the contract. (however, if there is a legal dispute, the smart contract is not included in the legal judgment.)

DApp is smart contract +App. Since I am a programmer, from the perspective of development, DApp is the front-end interface + intelligent contract, which is interactive with users. You can choose various commands, and the intelligent contract is naturally interactive with blockchain (distributed database).