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28 6月

3rd Dapp Weekly Report by VenaPi Wallet+Dapp Browser[VenaPi Tron Wallet]

  1. On June 25th, TRON Independence Day, Justin Sun made a livestream on Youtube and Periscope, where more than 70,000 people watched at the same time.
  2. Justin Sun will attend ABS2019 on July 2nd~3rd.
  3. According to TRONSCAN, block height of TRON has reached 10,496,007.
  4. The new version of TRON mainnet, Odyssey v3.6 is released.
  5. Justin Sun announced that Buffett Lunch this year will be held in Quince, a 3-Michelin starred restaurant.
  6. This week there are 9 new DApps, among which X2BET.WIN performs well, ranks top 10 in 7d volume.
  7. Justin Sun is invited as the co-chair of IEEE DSC, and Marcus of the public chain division wil make a lecture of “Privacy of blockchain”.
  8. VenaPi has reached cooperation with Libra China.
  9. Ching Zhu, CEO of VenaPi, has been invited as honored guest of Turtle Trip, Chengdu station.
12 6月


Step 1,iOS市场版APP需至美国APP Store下载,您可自行至淘宝搜索“苹果美国ID”购买(8-20元一个),或使用教程下方提供的美国ID进行尝试;

Step 2,获取美国ID后,请您打开iPhone手机的“设置”,点击“Apple ID”

Step 3,选择页面下方的“退出登陆”;


Step 4,打开APP Store;搜索VenaPi,点击GET

Step5:出现下图,点击使用现有的Apple ID



为了防止您的手机信息泄露,请您务必不要使用下方Apple ID登录iCloud,使用参考Apple ID下载过APP后,请您及时退出该账号以保证您的信息安全。





10 6月

Vena Network: The 43rd Weekly Report[VenaPi Tron Wallet]


VenaPi has been released in Apple Store overseas
The development of new version of VenaPi is completed
Commercial discussion of VENA listing on TRXMarket is done


Cooperation with Youtubers & SunDex、TronPoker, etc.
VenaPi activity of the Dragon Boat Festival

3.Plan of next week

VENA token be listed on TRXMarket
Test and release of offline and observe wallet of VenaPi v1.4.2
Survey of VenaPi v1.4.3 in communities

05 6月

TRON block height exceeded 9.8 million

On June 4th, according to the latest data of TRON block chain browser (, Tron block height reached 9810355, exceeding 9.8 million. In recent half a year, TRON ecological network has developed rapidly, ushered in unprecedented growth and visualization data explosion.

With the continuous promotion of DApp development strategy by Tron. More and more intelligent contract developers will settle in TVM. With the gradual strengthening of Tron ecology, there will also be more trading volume. Helping block chain technology to realize the real value landing. In the coming days. Tron will continue to work hard to usher in greater breakthroughs!

05 6月

Some New Games on VenaPi[VenaPi Tron Wallet]

Here’s introduction of some new games on VenaPi.


This is a Jacks Or Better game, easy to play and have fun. You have 5 cards and you have one chance to swap some of your cards. Your target is to get some certain cards.

Now play TronPoker in VenaPi, you can get the chance to win 1000TRX! For details, visit


This is an interesting PVP game where you control a snake to eat and to beat other snakes. Pay attention not to touch other snake’s body with your head or you will lose. Instead, make other snakes touch your body with their head.


The game has two modes now, one is dice, the other is Marvel. In the Marvel mode, you can choose a character from 3 Marvel heroes and
V for Vendetta.

The game has quite a good performance recently.