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21 5月

Vena Network: The 41st Weekly Report[VenaPi Tron Wallet]


VenaPi v1.4.0 for Android released
VenaPi web plug-in development completed


Promotion with Royal Online Vegas and Tronjack
Video cooperation with KOL
Interview report by Mars Finance

3.Plan of next week

Preparation for the test and release of VenaPi Web plug-in
Airdrop of USDT-TRON
Preparation of united projects of VenaPi
Online AMA for T-Bank together with Sesameseed

17 5月

Opera wallet will support TRON

Opera, the first Web3 browser, has announced its intention to support TRON’s TRX token and other TRC standard tokens in its browser in the near future. Currently, Opera’s encrypted wallet supports ETH and ERC tokens.

Opera’s decision to add another mainstream blockchain to its platform marks a further step in its strategy to make Web3 more inclusive and globally user-friendly. Integrating the TRON tokens into Opera’s encrypted wallet enables hundreds of millions of Opera users to experience TRON games and decentralized apps (DApp) in their browsers. The user interface is seamless and requires no third-party browser extensions or wallet applications.

“TRON is a popular and rapidly growing blockchain with a rapidly growing DApp ecosystem. “We’re excited to open our browser to TRON,” said Krystian Kolondra, vice President and head of browsers at Opera.

Support TRX

“We are very excited that Opera, the mainstream browser with hundreds of millions of users, will be able to support TRX and other TRON tokens seamlessly,” said Justin Sun, CEO of TRON. “Opera users will also soon be able to use DApp on TRON’s blockchain.”

In December 2018, Opera became the first major android browser to include both a native encrypted wallet and a Web 3 browser. These new features enable people to trade and interact with Web 3, the blockchain-based future of the Internet. Opera’s PC browser introduced this feature in April 2019. The iOS version is currently in beta and will be released later this year.

In late 2018, TRON announced TRON Arcade, a $100 million fund dedicated to gaming apps. According to DApp review website DappReview, there are more than 400 dapps on the TRON blockchain. Many of them have use cases related to entertainment. TRON now has more than 2.8 million TRX accounts and about 3 million transactions in 24 hours.

Opera is the preferred browser for more than 300 million users worldwide. The company’s decision to integrate the new blockchain into its browser marks a step closer to developing forward-looking applications. These applications will be able to interact with as many blockchains as possible, providing the most fluid experience for users.

Opera plans to add support for multiple blockchains in the next 12 months. After successfully integrating the TRON blockchain, Opera users will be able to use TRX tokens from TRON and TRC standard tokens in their browsers. Opera’s encrypted wallet already supports ETH and erc-20 standard tokens.

Opera, with its encrypted wallet and Web 3 support, is already available on android smartphones, Windows and Linux PCS, and apple macs. The wallet can also be used in the Opera Touch freshness app on iOS. The browser already supports ethereum and will soon support TRON. In September 2018, Opera reached a strategic partnership with Ledger Capital to develop its blockchain technology plan. Ledger Capital played an important role in the establishment of the partnership between Opera and TRON.

About the Opera

Founded in Norway in 1995, Opera provides browser-powered and ai-driven digital content recommendation solutions to more than 320 million people worldwide. Today, Opera remains one of the world’s most innovative browser creators. Opera is listed on nasdaq under the ticker symbol “OPRA.”

16 5月

VenaPi New Version! New Tab! New UI![VenaPi Tron Wallet]

VenaPi has released v1.4.0, which is an important update.

The most significant update is that a new bottom menu is added: “Market”. And there are 2 tabs in the menu, one is “Market”, and the other is “Trade”.

In the “Market” tab, you can view token value, application scenario and token holder bonus.

And click the token to see details.

In the “Trade” tab, you can view the condition and trade of mainstream tokens. You can also click to visit the exchange.

And the UI is updated.

Now only Android version is released, IOS version will be released later. If you are using Android mobile phone, you can update and try the new version right now!

15 5月

Justin Sun attend the New York consensus conference for in-depth dialogue with a number of blockchain industry giants

Recently, TRON founder Justin Sun appeared in New York consensus conference. Consensus conference in New York is a global chain block ecosystem all practitioners of an industry event. Wall Street financial giants, well-known investment institutions. Block chain star startups, famous academic research organizations and participation in the main national regulators. The conference is chain ground application progress and the case, the block chain technology development, regulatory policy dialogue on the depth of the topic and discussed. Incluing VenaPi tron wallet.

From the photos sent by Justin Sun, we can see that as a leading figure in the blockchain industry. Justin Sun had in-depth communication with many industry experts at the New York consensus conference. TRON is gradually recognized by more practitioners all over the world. While Tron ecology is gradually strong, it will also usher in more trading volume and help blockchain technology to truly realize value landing.

15 5月

Interview of Ching Zhu, CEO of Vena Network, from Mars Finance[VenaPi Tron Wallet]

According to report of Consensys, since 2019, more than 100 blockchain project has started in the area of DeFi( Decentralized Finance), like Dai, stable coin on ETH, DEX of Binance, derivatives of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, platform of insurance and loan, etc. DeFi has been an economic system of value up to 430 million dollars.

As a female entrepreneur in blockchain field, Ching has work long in DeFi area. Vena Network has been building Tron system, products including VenaBao(cryptocurrency investing), VenaPi wallet and information platform Tron101.

Recently, Ching was interviewed by Mars Finance, and she thought DeFi will replace the traditional technique of present financial system, build a new market with a scale of trillions of dollars. From 2018, Vena has been working on DeFi and VenaPi has been one of the biggest entrance of Tron DApps.

Ching also thought that DeFi is in an early period. Some decentralized products are secure but not easy to use. Vena will make decentralized products secure, convenient and easy. Now, Vena is offering Vena series products, connect users with good contents, and build platform of ecosystem entrance.

14 5月

DApp Introduction:Let’s play Tron DApps on VenaPi![VenaPi Tron Wallet]

Are you new to Tron DApp? Or you have played Tron DApp before? No matter you are new to Tron DApp or just new to VenaPi, you can find the DApp you like in VenaPi and enjoy the TRON world.

So, let’s have a quick view of the awesome DApps on TRON!


Every Tron DApp players know it. It is the biggest and most classic game on Tron. Tronbet is one of the first series of Tron DApp, and have been ranked first in Tron for a long time.

Tronbet has 4 games now. Dice, Moon, Ring and Slots. You can choose from the games and all games are easy to play,so just enjoy the game.


Compared to Tronbet, TronWoW is a new game. The game grows fast and attracts lots of attention. It has some unique settings like auction and changing mining cost which are welcomed by plaers.

In the past month TronWoW has been challenging Tronbet and the game overcomed some difficulties. Let’s expect what will happen next.


The 2 games above are all based on DICE game, while PokerTron is a POKER game. You have 5 random poker and if particular combination comes out, you win. You will have one chance to swap your poker.

PokerTron has kept a good performance and the token PKT performs well too. If you like playing poker, PokerTron is a good choice.


This is not a game. As all Tron users know, smart contracts cost energy. When users lack energy, they have to burn TRX, that’s expensive, or they need to freeze TRX, which makes their TRX unavailable.

In T-Bank, you can use little TRX to buy enough energy for you to play other DApps. It is fast and convenient.


Vminer is a tool for Tronbet. With Vminer, you can do auto betting and some settings, as other miners do. But the key point is, Vminer is with strategy. Vminer can make you mining with less TRX to mine more ANTE, even make you able to win TRX!

Just try and you will know the magic of Vminer.

So that is a basic introduction of Tron DApps. Let’s start our Tron DApp journey on VenaPi!

13 5月

Vena Network: The 40th Weekly Report[VenaPi Tron Wallet]


Test new version of VenaPi, more information for tokens
VenaPi node update, supporting more stable service


Airdrop of Poker Dice and BetHash
Activity for VenaPi new users, supported by Tron Foundation of Korea, Spain, Russia, India and Arab
Development of oversea communities

3.Plan of next week

Release new version of VenaPi
Hold more activities with DApp developers
Make oversea communities keeping increasing

13 5月

Cred joining the TRON ecosystem, will give its hundreds of millions of users access to cryptocurrency digital money management

Recently, Japanese media Cointokyo published an article: Cred joined TRON ecology, which will provide its hundreds of millions of users with cryptocurrency digital currency management.

The article mainly mentioned that Cred joining the TRON ecology. It will enable the holders of native token TRX to obtain up to 10% of the annual deposit income. Through various wallets and DApp on the Tron chain. Cred (LBA) will also support the rapid growth of the Tron ecosystem. Which is by providing the Tron developer community with popular digital cryptocurrency-based loan products.Tron wallet VenaPi in Japan is popular.

Cointokyo is one of the fastest targeted media platforms in Japan. A professional Japanese media that mainly provides virtual currency enthusiasts with the latest information on virtual currency and blockchain.

09 5月

VenaPi New User Award! 20 TRX Giveaway for Everyone![VenaPi Tron Wallet]

Sign up VenaPi wallet, New users will get 20TRX for free!


  1. During the activity period, users who download VenaPi wallet for the first time and create a TRON wallet in VenaPi can get reward of 20TRX + a guideline to travel through DApp to enter TRON ecosystem;
  2. The activity area is limited to Spain, the United States, Russia, South Korea, Arabia, Indonesia and Vietnam

Activity Time:Till UTC16:00, May 10th

Step 1:Download VenaPi in GooglePlay or in VenaPi site:
Step 2:Create a new TRON wallet after installation of VenaPi
Step 3:Join VenaPi Group in your area:,contact the admin to get 20 TRX!