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09 5月

Cred’s addition to the TRON ecosystem will provide cryptocurrency and digital money management for hundreds of millions of users

TRON, one of the world’s largest underlying blockchain systems. Acquired BitTorrent in 2018 and now has more than 100 million users worldwide. Cred (LBA) is the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency community financial services. With more than $300 million in lending lines of credit.

Cred’s entry into the TRON ecosystem will allow holders of native tokens TRX to receive up to 10% annualized returns on their deposits through various wallets and dapps on the Tron chain. Cred (LBA) will also support the rapid growth of the Tron ecosystem. Which is by providing the Tron developer community with popular digital cryptocurrency-based loan products.

In addition, Cred will provide a 10% annualized benefit to users who deposit at least $25,000 in TRX equivalent through

Cred’s lending is based on the borrower’s excess collateral. And it also offers wealth management benefits based on crypto-digital assets and several mainstream fiat currencies (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.). To make money on their deposits, TRX holders transferred their crypto-digital assets into their exclusive CredEarn wallet. With a fixed maturity of six months, paying quarterly interest in stable COINS and returning a portion of the principal at maturity.

08 5月

Tron block height breaks through 9 million

On May 7, according to the latest data from TRON blockchain browser ( : Tron blockchain height reached 9014155, exceeding 9 million. Previously, Tron daily trading number 10 consecutive daily break 2 million.

With the development strategy of DApp constantly promoted by Tron. More and more intelligent contract developers will settle in TVM. While the Tron ecology will gradually become stronger. It will also usher in more trading volume and help the blockchain technology to truly realize the value landing. In the future days, wave field will continue to strive for a greater breakthrough!

Also,VenaPi which is the biggest wallet in Tron ,their users over 30,000.

07 5月

Vminer is Back Online Again!Let’s Mine in VenaPi with Vminer![Tron Wallet VenaPi]

Vminer had been welcomed by users who play Tronbet. They use Vminer to auto bet on Tronbet, and Vminer can offer strategy for them so that they can cost less TRX to mine more Ante.

However, not long ago, as Tronbet banned the API, Vminer has been unable to use for more than 2 weeks.

The developer of Vminer, Pietra, has been keeping communicating with Tronbet. At last, Vminer comes back and users can use Vminer again!

Thanks to the effort of Pietra and Vminer, and let’s mine in Tronbet with VenaPi again! We can expect more maybe!

07 5月

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, as one of the first goodwill ambassadors of the “Binance children program”

The bitcoin foundation announced that the first 11 most influential people in the blockchain industry will join the initiative as goodwill ambassadors. Among them, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, as one of the most influential goodwill ambassadors in the Binance & security blockchain industry, will work closely with Binance & security charity, and call on the public to pay attention to the charity of blockchain, so as to contribute to the implementation of the blockchain in the charity industry.

The charity will work with 11 of its ambassadors to improve the nutrition. Health and education of vulnerable children by supporting transparent philanthropy. Unlike traditional philanthropy, all donations to Binance charity go directly to the ultimate beneficiaries. Ensuring a transparent, efficient and low-cost operation.

CEO Zhao ChangPeng has high hopes for the plan: “transparency will revolutionize the charity industry.” “” from the ‘love BTC’ in 2014 to the current Binance charity. We have finally witnessed the growth of blockchain philanthropy as it should be.” “said He Yi, co-founder and CMO of Binance charity.

The original intention

Other goodwill ambassadors have also expressed their full support for the charity initiative. Bitcoin mainland co-founder JiHan Wu said blockchain will empower philanthropy. ‘we are greater for helping others,’ says NEO founder Hung Fei Da, known as “Da-uncle”.

The original intention of bitcoin security charity to launch a completely transparent charitable donation platform. Which is based on the block chain technology and launch the “Binance security children plan” is to solve social development problems. And empower the society through the block chain technology, and it is expected to enhance the public’s understanding of the block chain through these actions and promote the implementation of the block chain technology.

The charity has provided free lunches to about 3,700 students and teachers at 11 schools in Uganda. The goodwill ambassador program will support bitcoin charity’s broader bitcoin for children program in Africa. Supporting more than 100,000 children in 160 schools.

TRON will also cooperate with you to spread the idea of charity to the whole world. Drive transparent charity through blockchain, and create a better future for children in more backward areas!

06 5月

Can “parallel cryptocurrency” save the market?

Countries are intrigued by the huge opportunities emerging in the cryptocurrency market. What is more, the hope is that “cryptocurrencies” will revive the country’s economy.

As we know, so far the countries that have strongly supported “cryptocurrencies” are: east Asia for Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia for Singapore, Europe for Malta and Greece, South America for venezuela and so on. But some countries are in order to grow and develop, but some are desperate, unable to save the market. So can the state save the market by “parallel cryptocurrency”? Today, we will be a brief analysis.

Take the Greek debt crisis, for example. Greek Banks reported that they were working on an emergency plan for depositors to deal with creditors, and that they would have to come up with relative emergency measures to save the market if Greece were to gradually collapse. So Greece’s eyes turn to “parallel cryptocurrencies.” will Greece choose parallel cryptocurrencies?

Greece, in addition to being famous for the acropolis, is also internationally renowned for its debt problems. The root cause of the Greek debt crisis is that the competitiveness of the Greek economy is relatively weak, the level of economic development is relatively low among eurozone countries, and the economy is mainly supported by tourism. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, the number of tourists around the world has been greatly reduced, which has caused a great impact on Greece. At the same time, Greece exports less and imports more, and has a long-term trade deficit within the euro zone, leading to capital outflow, so it borrows to live.

legal or virtual currency

Forced to find a way out, Greece has no choice. The mayor of Agistri, Greece, has embarked on a bold “blockchain test”. The point is: a blockchain-based digital currency is the best option for tourists in Greece.

Events similarly – at the beginning of 2013, a small European country Cypriot government in order to get external rescue party benefits, such as the European Union, launched a severe deposits tax, capital controls, imposing a tax on bank depositors, tax rate is as high as 20%, the people of the backlash, in order to prevent property shrinkage, can the COINS as a store of value investment products, to buy the currency, then the currency prices from the original a few CNY, a once rose to 8000 CNY.

Instead, it seems, the external debt crisis has catalyzed the development of cryptocurrencies. But countries do not give up their legal tender for “virtual currency”. But what happens if they do both?

Let’s imagine that countries launch their own cryptocurrencies and start converting fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies, thus advancing their centrally managed programs to save the central bank from losing its edge on currency manipulation. Sounds like it’s still working.

venezuela petrocurrency

But Greece lacks the resources to issue a legal cryptocurrency linked to oil or gold.

Instead, venezuela has done the same: it has announced the pre-sale of petrodollars, the world’s first legal digital currency.

By issuing digital currency, venezuela intends to solve the problem of legal currency inflation in the country, so as to save the danger of economic collapse and break through the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union.

But the situation is difficult to break through and reverse. After all, because of venezuela’s past “credit problems”. Petrocurrency is not only difficult to attract international buyers. But even venezuelans do not buy petrocurrency in large quantities. At the same time, the authorities have not perfected the details and rules of digital asset management. And the oil price remains low and output keeps falling. Making it difficult for “petrocurrency” to become a real currency.

It can be seen that all as capital economics analyst said. “virtual currency can not solve the fundamental problem of fiat currency inflation.” At present, there is no successful case that the cryptocurrency can successfully save the market. But it is more effective in theory, and more exploration and innovation are needed in reality.

05 5月

New DApps on VenaPi[VenaPi Tron Wallet]

In recent days, several new DApps are available on VenaPi. Let’s have a quick look at these new DApps.


This is a dice game, however, what attracts people more is TronAce is the first IEO project of TRXMarket. So this game is popular from the very beginning, when IEO, all tokens are sold just during less than 6 seconds!

Unbelievable, isn’t it?


In past time, Bethash mainly runs on EOS, and it is DApp on EOS with the highest dividends. It keeps div of annually 120%, and up to 300%. After coming to TRON, Bethash keeps the high dividends.

The game can be also played on ETH, IOST, you can even use BTC to bet.

Poker Dice

A new game just be released for several days and performs really well. It puts poker and dice together as if you can play 2 games together. Actually, it is a dice game with poker factor, and you may want to try such a unique game.

05 5月

TRON has announced that the DApps platform will comply with Japanese law

Recently, the Japanese media COIN OTAKU published an article. TRON announced that the DApps platform would abide by Japanese laws. The article mentioned: the TRON foundation announced on March 31 that it would comply with Japanese laws in its DApps dissemination activities in Japan. One of the reasons this event was reported by Japanese media is that TRON. As the DApps platform of crypto assets, is the first case in Japan to show compliance with Japanese laws.

COIN OTAKU is one of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain media under the leadership of kenji ITO. A well-known figure in the local currency circle in Japan, as the editor-in-chief, providing Japanese investors with high-quality and important blockchain news.

30 4月

VenaPi is Starting the 2nd Swap of USDT-TRON[VenaPi Tron Wallet]

On April 28th, VenaPi wallet completed the 1st swap of USDT-TRON. Users can check their USDT deposited in VenaPi, which has been swapped into USDT-TRON in your wallet now.

Many users are asking if there will be a 2nd one and when will it be. Now the 2nd is coming!

From now on, users can do the 2nd swap in VenaPi. The deadline is 5th May 24:00 UTC+8, and on 6th VenaPi will swap with TRON. So deposit before that!

And Justin Sun has retweeted the twitter of VenaPi about the swap.

30 4月

Justin Sun live broadcast: answer your questions about the new value of Tron ecology

For the TRON ecology, the trc20-based USDT comes online, which is a big deal! TRC20 version of USDT was released by Tron in cooperation with Tether, for which Tron launched an early user incentive program worth 100 million RMB.

From May 7 to August 14, solstice, TRON will join hands with the world’s top digital asset exchange, huobi, OKEx, etc., to provide free USDT payment in the form of TRC20 version of USDT token interest rate reward, encouraging users to convert usdt-omni to trc20-based USDT.

The incentive scheme, which runs until August 14. He will give bitcoin holders a daily return on the interest they earn from the airdrops. With up to a 20 per cent annualized reward. In response to this award. Many netizens expressed that they did not understand: what advantages would USDT play in the Tron network? What exactly is the 100 million RMB incentive plan?

Previously, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, conducted a live broadcast on a live broadcast platform to answer relevant questions about Tron ecology for community partners. Let’s look at video!