VenaPi Guide

Tron DAPP & Wallet Guide(Include new user gift package)

* This guide provides a simple guide to the basic knowledge and uses guide;

* Users who read this guide and enter the Tron ecology can get DAPP token new user gift package (with 250 tokens)

* Last updated: 2019.01.24


I   Basic Knowledge of Tron

1. Difference between TRONETH, EOS and BTC?

2. What is energy and bandwidth?

3. TRX、TRC-10、TRC-20?

4. What is “node”

5. What is “Super Representative”?

6.  What is voting? How to vote and why vote?

II   Basic Knowledge of Wallet

1. What is local wallet?What is private key and address?

2. What is “authorization”and“signature”?

III  Introduction to Dapp

1. What is DAPP and why do we need to use Dapp?

2.  Preparations for using DAPP

3. How to gain Token for playing Dapp (Like TRX、VENA)

4. Do we need to download DAPP?

5. When I was using DAPP, why my TRX got lessen?

6. How to avoid TRX getting lessen as transaction fee?

IV  VenaPi Wallet

1. How to create wallet account?

2. How to process transfer?

3. How to confirm you have entered DAPP successfully?

4. Why the DAPP is always loading?

5. How to gain VENA TOKEN?

6. I have Token in my wallet,why I can not see in DAPP?

7. Why the data does not change after transfer / voting / unfreezing?

8. Why I could not pay in Dapp?

V   How to gain new user gift package

1. Package(include 250 Tokens)

2. How to get new user gift package

I. Basic knowledge of Tron

1. Difference between TRON, ETH, EOS and BTC?

  • Use different Token
  • Different in token expansibility
  • Different in smart contract(decide the cost of developing Dapp in public chain)
  • Different fee model:
Public ChainTokenToken issuanceSupport smart contractSupportDAPPFee model
TRONTRXSupport various kinds of tokens issuanceYesYesConsumption model + Leasing model, fee is low
EOSEOSSupport one kind of tokens issuanceYesYesLeasing model, fee is relatively low
EtherumETHSupport various kinds of tokens issuanceYesYesConsumption model, fee is relatively high
BitcoinBTCNoNoNoConsumption model, fee is high

2. What is energy and bandwidth?

  • 【Definition】: Every transaction needs to “takes time”( consume energy ) and “transfer data”( bandwidth).
  • 【Consumption senario】Using Tron wallet to send transaction will consume bandwidth or energy:
  • Transact TRC-10 and TRX,consume no energy, only consume bandwidth;
  • transaction involves smart contract will consume energy and may consume bandwidth (like transaction of TRC-20);
  • When freeze, unfreeze and vote, it only consumes bandwidth;
  • There will be 5000 bandwidth points for free for every account,no energy;
  • Freeze TRX can get certain amount of energy and bandwidth instead of consuming TRX directly
  • 【Bandwidth / Energy insufficient?】When there is not enough bandwidth or energy, TRX in the account will be deducted for fee。

3. What is TRX、TRC-10、TRC-20?

TRXToken for TronUsed for public chain token and gas tokenUsed for smart contract consumption tokenNeeds relatively low energy and bandwidth
TRC-10Support easy issuance tokenCan make transactionUsed for smart contract consumption tokenNeeds relatively low energy and bandwidth
TRC-20Support token with self-defined parametersCan make transactionUsed for smart contract consumption tokenNeeds relatively high energy and bandwidth

4. What is“Node”?

You can understand node as server, different node means using different server to get data ( including but not limited to inquiry of balance)

5. What is“Super Representative”?

  • 【Definition】:SR,Super Representative;
  • 【Function】:There are 27 SR in Tron to produce blocks in turn(to confirm transaction information in turn);
  • 【How】:27 SR that receive most TP will become SR;(“TP”is expressed as follows)

6. What is vote?How to get?Why vote?

  • 【Definition】TP(Tron power)is used for voting for SR.

Tron records every 6 hours for all SR votes, which means that the selected 27 SR list is updated every 6 hours.

  •  [How to get a vote] While freezing the TRX, you can get the same amount of TP. However, that the minimum unit of TP is “1”. If the frozen TRX is less than 1, the TP will not be obtained.
  •  [Why vote] As a member of the community, voting can choose the SR that is really practical, making Tron more efficient. In addition, after each SR receives the user’s vote, it will generally return certain reward to the voter.

II.  Basic knowledge of wallet 

Please note the difference between wallet address and “private key”, make sure that you have saved your private key and keep it safe!!

1. What is local wallet?What is private key and address?

  • Local wallet:

“Local wallet”means all the information is saved in the local device—despite from the device, no one else can get the information of wallet(under the circumstances that local device is safe, for example there is no rooting of mobile phone)

Local wallet is relatively more safe and convenient than centralized wallet(some wallets of exchanges are centralized and in extreme conditions that the centralized wallet could bear some risks of losing asset)——If all the password is saved locally, the asset is more safe; there is no more complicated verification and KYC and no one knows who you are.

  • Private key and address:

Private key is the entrance to local wallet,private key = account + password.

To create and import wallet actually is to enter an account management tool with specific account under the standard of public chain.

Any wallet address created by account management tool (wallet) are public chain accounts, as long as you have saved your private key, you can enter your address on any wallet.

Every account has a corresponding address that is public, for example the public address is“TMWQYAgq…UvdfpFv2p5Eg”,but no one knows who own the address. Anyone has the address can read all the information of the address “TMWQYAgq…UvdfpFv2p5Eg”on blockchain,such as address, transaction records, it is public and anonymous at the same time.

2. What is “authorization”, “signature”?

  • 【Signature】:Signature basiclly means“Yes”.

In the current environment, signatures are mainly divided into login signature (address information can be obtained after login) and payment signature (you can also set some special options when using the signature to pay, such as pay without password, etc., of course, this is in a special option based on specific public chain and specific wallet)

  • l  [Login]: The login operation on TRON is generally silent. However, the project side can also be set to require a click operation. In the case where the wallet (account management) is logged in, the request is initiated to the wallet in a specific standard format, and after the verification is passed, the DAPP can obtain the public address information of the account.
  • [Payment]: When using DAPP, users need to use the signature whenever they need to pay, transfer, or call the contract (call contract can be regarded as: request DAPP to complete the specified behavior). After the signature is verified, DAPP can deduct the user’s balance. And in some cases, an additional fee is required.

III. Introduction to DAPP

1. What is decentralized app(DAPP)and why use that?

  • DAPP:

It can be simply understood that there is no centralized database or centralized database only stores information that is not related to account security, ie a product that claims to be “decentralized” is theoretically does not save user’s account and password in any way or in cloud (ie private key). DAPP can be either a web page form or an APP form.

  • l Why do decentralized products appear?

The blockchain’s open and anonymous features can well solve the problem of transparent data but not revealing personal privacy. To a certain extent, it can also avoid the situation of project parties’ corruption and misappropriation of user funds.

And because of the decentralization characteristics of the blockchain, everyone’s standard accounts on the same public chain are exactly the same, and the use of the on-chain account can completely achieve the state of “just holding private key is ok”. (It is like there is a day when all the banks’ databases and login methods are the same. We don’t need to apply for different bank cards because we choose different banks.)

2. Preparations for using DAPP

  1. Need to have a wallet (Recommend TronLink in PC,recommend VenaPi in mobile phone:
    1. (Not necessary)Prepare Tokens(Like TRX, VENA)
    1. enter wallet → Open page of DAPP(most DAPPs are web)
    1. Use DAPP

3. How to get Tokens to play DAPP(like:TRX、VENA)

  • Exchange
    • Gain USDT via exchange
    • Gain TRX or VENA in exchange like LBank and abcc
    • Use TRX or VENA to trade for corresponding Token(Like:Kiwidex、TRX market)

4. Do we need to download DAPP?

Now most DAPs are in form of web, no need to download.

# Because the use of DAPP requires a wallet, and most DAPPs are not embedded in a wallet. In this case, you can only use the plug-in wallet in the form of a web page or in a mobile phone application with a wallet function. (VenaPi is a decentralized wallet + Dapp browser)

5. When I was using DAPP,Why my TRX got lessen?

This is regulated by Tron: When performing calling smart contract, transfer, etc., you need to consume energy or bandwidth. When the energy or bandwidth is insufficient in the account, you need to consume TRX as fee.

6. How to avoid TRX being lessen?

  • Method 1——Freeze TRX for energy or bandwidth:

Perform freezing operations in wallet

(like VenaPi:, choose“ freeze for energy”or“freeze for bandwidth”:

  • Method 2——Ask your friend for energy(Only applicable for energy!)

Find your friend who has TRX → Provide your account to your friend → Friends can freeze their TRX for energy in your account→ You receive energy

  • Method 3——Use DAPP like T-Bank to buy energy

IV. VenaPi instructions

1. How to create wallet address?

  • STEP 1:

If you already have a wallet, you can choose to import wallet with your private key.

If you do not have a wallet, you can choose to “create wallet” and name your wallet. Please keep your private key safe and we recommend to save in physical method.

// When create a wallet on VenaPi for the first time, you need to set the wallet password. The wallet password can be used for operations such as private key export, wallet deletion, signature verification, etc. Please save it properly.

Note: User have full control over the account with private key! Please be sure to keep your private key safe

  • STEP 2:

After completing the first step, the wallet has been created successfully. VenaPi will list your TRC-10 Tokens in this address. If you need to view other Tokens, you can add them manually.

2. How to transfer and receive tokens?

In the homepage of VenaPi wallet, click “send” or “receive”, you can transfer and receive tokens.

3. How to make sure you have entered DAPP successfully?

  • Method 1——Find address:

Check carefully if there is already address information on the page; if it is not authorized, please click “Login” (or similar button) to authorize; if the authorization still fails, please refresh and try again. (For example: the screenshot is of Tron Dapp red envelop)

Notice:Please exit and report if you find any Dapp that requires for your private key!

  • Method 2——Balance information

Check carefully if there is balance information in the page, if yes, then authorization must be successful. (like screenshot of Hashdice)

4. Why the DAPP is always loading?

  • Now most DAPs have their servers overseas,if involves cross boarder visit,then sometimes  it will shows slow in loading;
  • Welcome to contact us in VenaPi group

5. How to get VENA TOKEN?

  • 1—— Use OTC trade or buy in exchange:

For details, checkIII、Basic knowledge of DAPP → 3. How to get Token to play DAPP

  • 2—— Take part in activities of VenaPi

We offer a lot of reward activities every week, welcome to consult in VenaPi group。

6. Why not show balance in Dapp when I have balance in wallet?

After DAPP is authorized, the user’s account address can be obtained, and the corresponding token balance can be queried through the address.

In the case that DAPP has been authorized by login, but no balance shows in Dapp, you can try to switch network or wait a little (the DAPP of the server will be relatively slow to load in foreign countries). If you still can’t solve it, you can contact VenaPi

7. Why the data remain the same after transfer / voting / Freeze / Unfreeze?

  • All the data on-chain will not take effect immediately,after your operation, it takes some time to take effect(or get resurces of energy).
  • Generally speaking:
    • Trading record:It needs 3S to provide unconfirmed transaction records,takes 60S to provide confirmed transaction records;
    • Resources:It takes 3S to get resources(like bandwidth, energy, TP).

8. Why can’t I call payment?

  • Poor network, try switch network;
  • Try again;
  • Wallet is not compatible with DAPP.

If you have any question, welcome to contact VenaPi.

V. New user gift package

Package(include 250 Tokens)

TokenNumber of tokensSupported by DAPP
HDT160Total of 500 new users,Hashdice

1. How to get new user gift package

Join in VenaPi telegram and PM admin.